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I couldn't aspire to anything higher

title: I couldn't aspire to anything higher
rating: nc-17
pairing: sunggyu x woohyun
wordcount: 1860

summary: nsfw ship meme.

a/n: i dont know what to say... i received an ask asking me to write something woogyu something nsfw something meme. what was i thinking lol. i said ok before actually looking at the nsfw ship meme OTL what was i thinking??? i was so excited to write it that i forgot i'm really bad at smut.

as i said, i'm really bad at writing smut so it's short and incoherent and really not following the whole nsfw ship meme format at all... someone somewhere is whispering "this is not how memes are supposed to be done" and i'm ;n; but i can't.write.smut ;n;

title from lyrics 'i wanna be loved by you' by helen kane. the meme questions cut in between paragraphs randomly. the paragraphs are continuous, should be read continuously.

I couldn't aspire to anything higher

            do they fuck or make love?

            there's literally no fucking goddam difference. it's the same goddamn thing; they're having sex – sexual intercourse, coitus, mating if you must make it animalistic and role-playish. it's sex, and they're having it.

            they fuck when they go fast and hard and dirty. they fuck and they don't clean up after; they fuck and they lay on the bed, woohyun on sunggyu, and their stomachs are wet and sticking to each other, skin kissing skin, and it's uncomfortable but they can't get themselves to give a fuck because it was good sex, good sex that made their bones settle into sleep but their brains and nerves alive with buzzing electricity, and either sunggyu or woohyun was made of electrons while the other protons because their senses drag them together into a solid unbreakable atomic bond by the lips. (bonding, that could be another word for sex.)

            they make love when they go slow and patient and careful. sunggyu begs for it and woohyun kisses sunggyu's heated cheeks; sunggyu's fingers dig into woohyun's hair and woohyun kisses sungguy's heated cheeks; sunggyu breathes hard but shallow and he mutters fuck fuck fuck (which is ironic because they're supposed to be making love, right?) and woohyun kisses. woohyun kisses sunggyu and he pushes into sunggyu and then he pulls out and carefully goes back in and repeat.

            who comes first?

            and when woohyun comes, he shivers through it. his eyes open and he doesn't stop kissing sunggyu's heated cheeks. that's making love. it's making love, isn't it? slow and careful, and never-ending care.

            but it's literally the same thing because they end up kissing for a very long time and they have sticky stomachs and their bodies buzz and melt into a tangle of limbs; their lips swell, eyes shine, hearts bump hard. should 'fucking' or 'loving' be determined through

            who is louder?

            volume? every time sunggyu's pitch goes higher it literally makes woohyun's heart race faster. and every time woohyun gets loud, sunggyu just wants to make him get louder, i can't hear you. he pretends he doesn't hear woohyun's “please” and he rolls his hips, it makes woohyun gasp and clench round his dick. he pretends he doesn't hear woohyun's “please!” and he leans low over woohyun's back, blows hot breath against his neck and watches woohyun twitch, hears him moan. he pretends he doesn't hear woohyun's “PLEASE!” and he rolls his hips again and kisses woohyun's neck and nibbles his skin. he murmurs “love you” when woohyun is being louder because sunggyu rolls his hips and pulls out and snaps back in and it's a rush, it's a flurry of movement, it's a force that makes woohyun scream louder and over sunggyu's soft “fuck”s and “love”s and “louder”s.

            then it has to be 'making love' because woohyun hears the “love you”s anyway and it's because of those whispered words that he gets louder, desperate for the “love you”s that come with every volume he rises to. and if that's the case then does that make woohyun

            who is more submissive?

            the submissive one? because woohyun wants something sunggyu can give him, so he obeys and does what he's told to. he doesn't move and keeps his hands curled into fists on his lap. he closes his eyes and he pouts for a kiss and good god, he's hard. he's so hard, it's honestly starting to hurt and if sunggyu doesn't tell him what to do soon, he's just going to have to

            who is more like to be caught masturbating?

            jerk himself off. but then he's going to be mad at himself for jerking off because sunggyu had promised him something good- he's just not back yet from wherever the fuck he disappeared to.

            five minutes and woohyun can't take it any more. his fist trembles round his cock, he jerks and his breath catches in his throat. he thinks about sunggyu and then he feels sunggyu's lips on his own. he opens his eyes but all he sees is black even when the lights

            lights on or off?

            are turned on. this only means

            who is more experimental?

            sunggyu has tied something around woohyun's head to cover his eyes. his kiss is soft, warm, salty. he lets their lips press against each other. woohyun doesn't say anything, doesn't ask questions because he knows sunggyu is embarrassed already. he can imagine sunggyu's face getting redder, he can practically feel the heat radiating off sunggyu's (probably)flushed skin; and he gets harder, his dick twitches and he whines when sunggyu's thighs slip on to his, effectively trapping woohyun's dick between their torsos. woohyun's hands go around sunggyu's waist.

            “i don't know what to do.” sunggyu whispers. and christ, he sounds embarrassed. he's hiding his face in the side of woohyun's neck even though he knows woohyun can't see him and it's so cute and so sunggyu at the same time to want to lead and dominate but failing adorably so.

            but woohyun doesn't want to remove the blindfold unless sunggyu wants to. so he waits and rubs sunggyu's back, and plays with sunggyu's hair, and kisses sunggyu's ear. his lips linger at sunggyu's ear and he mouths at his helix, and he can feel sunggyu's ear getting hotter with each swipe of his tongue. and his fists curl against woohyun's back.

            who is more sensitive? 

            if by 'sensitive', you mean emotionally, woohyun is more sensitive. he doesn't get impatient, he doesn't laugh at all, he smiles and waits and encourages with little nudges. if by 'sensitive', you mean physically, then sunggyu is more sensitive – and woohyun knows this and makes use of this – and even though woohyun is only kissing at his ear and tracing circles into his back, sunggyu shivers and arches into woohyun's body, their torsos forming a slight crescent together – and that makes woohyun gasp softly because his dick is still trapped between them – and then sunggyu is finally moving his hips and making these soft high-pitched noises.

            and it's because sunggyu is more sensitive that woohyun has a blindfold over his eyes right now. his other senses feel fuller and sharper. his ears twitch with every gasp sunggyu makes, his thighs tremble with the effort of rolling his hips along with sunggyu's, and his fingers slip and trace and draw red lines against sunggyu's back.

            and it's also because sunggyu is more sensitive, that he is

            who usually initiates things?

            usually the one who initiates sex. because he can't help it that every time woohyun leans over him, he feels the need to put his hand on woohyun's cheek and kiss him; every time woohyun casually puts an arm around his neck, he turns his head and puts his nose close to woohyun's neck, giving soft sniffs like a cat; every time woohyun even looks his way, he has to take calm breaths and tell himself “not here, not now” because they're at a photoshoot, they're working and there are people everywhere, they can't- he can't- he can't even touch woohyun because he knows he'll lose it.

            but then woohyun smiles at him, takes a step closer, and gently wipes a bead of sweat off sunggyu's forehead with a tissue. sunggyu's hand snatches out to pull woohyun closer so they can kiss but he controls himself at the last minute and grabs woohyun's shoulder instead. he looks like he's just giving woohyun a pep talk, but his breaths are deep and slow and his eyes are blown, and he just-

            “i need to fuck.” he breathes out, voice hoarse.

            who takes more risks?

            a storeroom or broom closet will do, wherever that is closed-off and big enough for one person to fit is good, to be honest, because they'll be molded together anyway, two people will fit one person's space. but woohyun is an asshole and he insists they hide in one of the cubicles of the dressing room that was mostly empty. the stylists are out on the set, being busy and all that, so they've abandoned the comfort of the dressing room. sunggyu thinks it's still way too risky because people are likely to return frequently to the dressing room but woohyun tugs him in and wraps an arm around his waist and fucking twirls him into the cubicle.

            he grins and locks the door behind sunggyu, leans sunggyu against the door.

            “relax.” woohyun coaxes. “you're the one who wanted this.” he gets on his knees.

            “but not here!” sunggyu hisses, palms flat against the door and heart beating fast. his ears ache from listening out for any movement outside.

            woohyun just grins that boyish grin of his, the one that makes fans stop asking if his shoulder still hurts, and he unzips sunggyu's pants and yeah, he's not playing around- he gets right down to getting sunggyu's half-erect dick in his mouth.

            who is better at oral and who prefers it?

            sunggyu forgets his complaints, exchanging them for a little gasp. his fingers curl instinctively into woohyun's hair. woohyun's mouth gets a little too wet, and sunggyu frowns down at him, taps woohyun's nose. woohyun leans back, raises his eyebrows in question.

            “remember what i told you.” sunggyu reminds.

            woohyun rolls his eyes. “do you want to get off or not?”

            “but you have to-”

            woohyun ignores the rest of that sentence, takes sunggyu's dick in his mouth again. he can get sunggyu off, sure, but as far as technique goes, he doesn't have one. he just sucks when he wants to, licks when he wants to and he doesn't care how deep he can go, he doesn't care about the limits of his throat, he just goes for it and goes fast. sunggyu is rightfully worried, and normally ends up stopping woohyun a lot and sucks woohyun off instead, pausing at moments to give advice and say, “this is what you do, see?” and it just frustrates woohyun a lot, it gets him off, sure, but it takes too long for a quick fuck in the closet.

            “don't move.” woohyun says, more to sunggyu's hips than to the person. he pins sunggyu's hips to the door and he kisses the tip of sunggyu's cock, making sunggyu gasp sharply again. and when he begins to get it again, sunggyu has to hold a hand over his mouth. woohyun chokes a lot, his spit dribbles a lot and he bites a little – but sunggyu still comes before their individual shoots.

            they leave the room messy, woohyun's lips swollen; dick still hard, sunggyu's hair stands in odd angles from where his head knocked against the door. and they were so far gone that they didn't hear the stylists' nervous murmuring outside the cubicle door.

            people stare at them as they stand side-by-side on the set. (their hands bump against each other.) and the other infinite members are shaking their heads, laughing. (their fingers tangle into a knit.) and their manager looks pissed as hell. (they don't give a fuck and they kiss right in front of everyone.)

            do they fuck or make love?     

            they're basically fucked but at least they made love.

- end -

endnote: i told you i can't write smut.... once agian, thank you for the nsfw ship meme prompter on my ask.fm. and i hope this wasn't like that bad, i know it was bad smut but i hope it wasn't like a bad fic :((( i know there's no structure and the ending is "wtf??" but i wanted to use that line as the last sentence lolol,, i'm childish sorry haha. follow me on twitter!

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