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Superstars sucked into the supermassive

title: Superstars sucked into the supermassive
rating: r
pairing: sunggyu x woohyun
wordcount: 3,335 words

summary: sort of sci-fi au, woohyun is a (sort of literal) star and he falls in love with (sort of literal) black hole sunggyu. he forgets stuff and he remembers stuff.

a/n: this happened when i was playing bubble witch 2 saga and i got to the level where they started throwing out stupid black holes and once, when my bubble got sucked into a black hole, i shouted, "i hate fucking black holes!" and it sounded weird because the phrasing is all wrong... and ya i'm too invested in that stupid game... and now here i am writing a fic about a black hole as a human body lol.

ya even i am so done with myself?? you should play bubble witch 2 saga. and how about that infinite comeback huh!! oooooOOOOOooo

ya, //it's an au, don't take 'black hole' metaphorically, black hole sunggyu is literally a black hole. not like the one team member who drags the group down black hole, but like a real one in space...... WHEN I SAY LITERALLY..... sci-fi??

title from the song 'supermassive black hole' by muse.

Superstars sucked into the supermassive


            it must be tough to love a black hole. or rather, woohyun thinks, it must be tough being a black hole, especially if you are the only black hole among the stars.

            woohyun nudges sungyeol, “hey, what's that black hole's name?” he gestures towards the boy's back, facing them. he's sitting alone at the end of the bench.

            “are you serious?” sungyeol stares at woohyun like he's crazy. he sighs in frustration. “i'm not telling you his name. i'm not. you know what happened to-”

            “just tell me his name.” woohyun insists, still staring at the black hole's back.

            “what the fu-” sungyeol glares at him. “kim sunggyu. there. you probably can't remember because-”

            woohyun doesn't stick around to listen to the rest of what sungyeol has to say. he walks straight to sunggyu. he repeats the name in his head, makes sure he doesn't forget it. but it's summer and in summer, the boys wear short-sleeved shirts, so when woohyun slips into the seat next to sunggyu and accidentally bumps elbows with him, he hears a gasp, there's a zap of spark where their elbows brush. and then he forgets the name. he stares awkwardly at the boy; he looks down at his food; and then he looks at the point where they touched. the boy continues to stare at woohyun in shock.

            “hey, sorry,” woohyun finally speaks. “i asked my friend what your name is just now. but i touched you, so i forgot. so, um, what's your name?” he smiles as brightly as he can.

            he frowns at woohyun until woohyun's smile starts to wobble. “i'm sunggyu.”

            “sunggyu!” woohyun exclaims, attracting a few curious stares and a wince from sungyeol, who's sat next to him nervously. “i'll remember it. sunggyu sunggyu sunggyu. i won't forget it. sunggyu.” he grins.

            and then woohyun shifts his arm a little, and their elbows brush again. woohyun blinks.

            his grin turns sheepish. and he asks, “sorry, what's your name again?”



            woohyun thinks sunggyu could use a friend. black holes like to isolate themselves, from what woohyun heard. sunggyu is the first black hole he's met but he heard there are billions of them, big and small. sunggyu is a stellar, just a stellar. what happens if he ever becomes a supermassive? how does he become a supermassive? woohyun heard that a stellar becomes a supermassive black hole when it collides with enough stars. collide. rather than collide, shouldn't it be combine? because they combine to become something bigger... combine.

            but everything that woohyun knows about black holes, he heard from someone, mainly sungyeol. they don't learn about black holes in textbooks. they try not to be prejudiced against black holes but everyone knows what happens if you get too close to one (and this is not a heard from, this is plain simple common sense). you get too close to a black hole, you hold a black hole for too long and you forget everything, lose all information. woohyun can't imagine living as a shell, without memories. but he can't imagine not making memories too, and that's what sunggyu needs, he thinks, memories. someone to make memories with.

            sunggyu could use a friend.

            and that's why woohyun ignores sungyeol's fevered whispers, and takes the seat next to sunggyu during the test. it's a minor test so their tables stay joined two-by-two. woohyun usually sits next to sungyeol so they can copy off each other. even the teacher finds it odd that woohyun has switched tables, and she watches him carefully. woohyun grins at her innocently.

            sunggyu glares at him. “don't sit next to me, you might forget your answers if you touch me.”

            woohyun gives him a casual grin and says, “i memorized the textbook like months ago, don't worry. by the way, could you lend me your eraser?”

            they end up sharing the eraser, placed between them. their fingers keep brushing and their arms keep touching. it's also a known fact that when a star and a black hole touches, a bright light is emitted. and it keeps emitting every time they touch. it annoys the other students and the teacher, every time it happens, someone swears and glares at them. sunggyu tries his best to keep his head low, but he can feel the tips of his ears burning red. woohyun ignores everyone well, smiling in apology only at sunggyu when their fingers brush as they reach for the eraser at the same time. sunggyu withdraws his fingers quickly. he glares at woohyun, who smiles back, carefree.

            when they get their tests back a week later, sunggyu spots a 48/100 on woohyun's paper and winces.

            “sorry.” sunggyu says, knowing it's his fault that woohyun keeps forgetting-

            “are you kidding? this is better than my average.” woohyun laughs. “who says black holes suck information? you must have passed me some during the test.” he tries to sneak a peek at sunggyu's paper.

            sunggyu pushes him away, careful to touch his shirt and not his skin. “hey!”

            woohyun laughs again. “fine, fine. you must have done so well you don't want me to feel bad.”

            sunggyu feels his face turning hot, he tries to calm down. “yeah, whatever.”

            in actual fact, he got 49/100, way below his average. only because every time his arm touched woohyun's during the test, he forgot the answer, too distracted by the light between their skin. not because everyone hated it. but because he loved it.



            it's tough to be in love with a black hole. it's tough being in love, full-stop. especially when he smiles this way and that, sometimes shyly, sometimes genuinely, and woohyun has to pull his trembling fingers back at the last minute when he turns his face away. especially when he forgets he isn't supposed to touch woohyun and puts a hand on woohyun's shoulder to balance himself when he laughs too hard. especially when he looks at woohyun and stares at him for the longest time and then blinks in confusion like he was the one who forgot something, and then his face scrunches up and he wipes tears away angrily but then he gives up when it overwhelms him and he has to grab woohyun's shirt, coil up his fists and he begs woohyun to, don't forget me, don't forget me, please.

            it's tough being in love with black hole sunggyu, especially when woohyun knows everyone else has forgotten him.



            they begin to date. like date date, like go off campus to a nearby coffee shop together, date. woohyun and sunggyu have been there so many times with sungyeol, who is slowly accepting that the black hole isn't going to disappear from woohyun's side any time soon, that woohyun can memorize sunggyu's ridiculously long coffee order, and he never forgets to order the blueberry muffin for sunggyu too. woohyun doesn't know when they started dating but he finds himself realising it when he looks down at their joined hands (glowing, by the way) and then back at sunggyu, who's pointedly staring at the menu hung above the counter, a pretty red colour climbing up the column of his neck.

            “what are you getting?” woohyun asks, knowing sunggyu feels awkward. on the other hand, woohyun is delighted that sunggyu is the one who initiated the hand holding. before sunggyu answers, woohyun says, “wait, your order is ridiculously long, i don't want to hear it.” he grins teasingly and sunggyu rolls his eyes.

            and when they get to the front of the counter, woohyun pauses and stares blankly at the girl behind it. she stares back at them, eyebrows raised, eyes visibly avoiding their joined (glowing) hands.

            right in front of the girl, woohyun brings sunggyu's hands to his lips and kisses the back of it lightly. he then lets go gently. and he says, “i can't remember what i wanted.” before rambling off sunggyu's ridiculously long order and, “oh and a blueberry muffin please.”



            “black hole privileges” is the reason sunggyu jokingly gives when woohyun asks him why he gets a room all to himself. woohyun complains of sungyeol's messiness and how sungyeol snores like a bear, or how he sometimes crawls into woohyun's bed after a trip from the restroom in the middle of the night. sungyeol's too warm, woohyun complains, and he likes to hug. i'd much rather hug you. sunggyu laughs it off, but reaches a hand out to woohyun, ready to curl fingers around his arm. he hovers. and then he retracts and lays down on his side.

            woohyun blows sunggyu a kiss, lays down on his side as well so they face each other. their knuckles are almost touching, covered knees already knocking. woohyun wriggles closer so their legs tangle, his legs trapping sunggyu's, and tugging sunggyu closer. and he coils an arm around sunggyu's waist, snakes up and vines fingers into sunggyu's hair, urging his face forward. he wants to kiss.

            sunggyu closes his eyes, as if waiting for it. and woohyun traces an outline of his cheek with the very tips of his fingers, lightly brushing across the fair skin, sketched with pink blush. he hears his own heart beat in his ears. he can smell the blueberry on sunggyu's breath, almost taste it, he'll taste it if he just kisses- woohyun stares at the twinkling sparks that line the trail of his fingers against sunggyu's skin. sunggyu's eyes open, and woohyun can see the light reflected in them.

            (sunggyu's eyes are sparkling.)

            woohyun just wants to kiss- the black hole smiles and then turns away.

            woohyun forgets he wants to kiss sunggyu.



            it's when sunggyu is biting his lip and rolling his bottom lip into his mouth with a swipe of his tongue that woohyun realises. and woohyun realises with a start, like he jumps in his seat a little and he grabs sunggyu's sleeve, making sunggyu startle as well.

            “hey, hey, listen,” woohyun whispers feverishly, because they're in a library and they're not supposed to talk in a library, let alone- “every time i look at you, i want to kiss you. so i reach out to touch you then i forget. but i look at you and i remember. do you think it's possible to immediately remember after forgetting? do you think-” he swallows, grinning enthusiastically. “do you think i should stop talking so we can start kissing?”

            sunggyu doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. he pulls woohyun in by his shirt collars and their lips don't exactly align when they touch, sunggyu has to tell himself to stop being so nervous and he doesn't know what he's doing, and woohyun is over-enthusiastic, woohyun gasps and shifts and locks their lips into place. and it's perfect in all its fumbling, awkwardness and nervousness a first kiss should have. they kiss for a long time until woohyun's hands come up to tangle in sunggyu's brown hair. and sunggyu's hands come up to cup around woohyun's neck, cooling the heated skin. he can feel woohyun's quick heart beat against his sweaty palm. they can see the glowing light between their skin behind their eyelids.

            and when they part, woohyun grins brightly at him, lips wet and glossy. he pauses, and then blinks. “i can't remember how to get to my room.”



            it's one thing to forget your own coffee order or to forget the way home, but it's a whole other thing when you forget your best friend's name. woohyun knows vaguely that this boy is his friend and roommate, and that he likes this irritating side of him, he likes it when this boy plays video games too loud and chews his crackers too loud and then chatter nonsensically about classes and people, and he talks about people a lot. woohyun can vaguely recall all that. and woohyun feels affection and an intimacy with him. but he can't remember why; and he can't remember this boy's name.

            so woohyun is sheepish when he slides over, on his knees, to the boy still engrossed in his video game, and says, “hey, sunggyu brought me back because i couldn't remember our room.”

            the kid just rolls his eyes, and he takes a deep breath. “don't you have anything else other than sunggyu to talk about?”

            woohyun grins apologetically. “yeah, yeah. what's your name?”



            sungyeol is angry. he shouts at woohyun a lot and all woohyun can do is sit and take it in, feeling guiltier and guiltier by the second. he didn't mean to- he just- he was just hanging around- he's not putting the blame on sunggyu. it's not sunggyu's fault that he's forgetting, it's his own fault for forgetting the important things. but really, though... what could be more important than sunggyu and did it matter if he forgot everything except-

            “you're not listening to me.”

            woohyun's eyes widen and he shakes his head. “i'm listening.”

            sungyeol is on the verge of tears. “you never listen to me.”




            a black hole is formed when a star dies in a supernova explosion and collapses into itself. the magical part is when time stands still and everyone can see the remnants of the star, parts and pieces just frozen in place. black holes can't be seen. black holes are invisible.

            until a neutron star comes along, offering a smile and a hand and then- light. an explosion of light and radiation and information, spread out and thrown into the wild. so much light for the black hole to grab and swallow. and black holes are greedy, maybe because they've been deprived of light for so long, they've been deprived of attention and eyes, that they need it, they need to be seen again and they hang on to the neutron star that brings them the light.

            woohyun heard that a black hole can tear a star apart, pull the star into itself. he looks at sunggyu and he can't believe that. he looks at sunggyu and all he feels is love, from both himself and from sunggyu. so whatever sungyeol is saying; whatever sungyeol is trying to explain with angry tears prickling his eyes and his face turning red from the effort and frustration he's trying to put across, woohyun can't get himself to believe. he wants to believe his friend but-

            “you never listen, woohyun!” sungyeol shouts, pointing an accusatory finger at him. “you don't remember him,” his finger shifts to sunggyu, who's standing frozen and wide-eyed. “because you loved him once and you forgot everything. you forgot me, you forgot your parents, you even forgot him! and then when you finally get yourself in order, you go running back to the black hole- are you fucking kidding me?”

            woohyun has walked over to sunggyu, grabbed his arm and forced sunggyu to look at him. he's whispering desperately at sunggyu, begging him to look at me.

            sunggyu ignores him, tries to pry his arm out from woohyun's tight grasp. it's sungyeol who breaks them apart. it's sungyeol who looks into woohyun's eyes, it's sungyeol whose eyes return the pleas.

            “he's a black hole,” sungyeol's voice is hoarse. “it hurts me to see the two of you apart, but he's a black hole and he'll tear you apart. he's already done it once.”

            and then sunggyu is pulling sungyeol away from woohyun by the wrist. light glows from the contact and sunggyu is glaring at woohyun.

            “i'm a black hole and all i want is this,” sunggyu waves sungyeol's wrist, throwing the light everywhere across the walls in his room. “this light. all i've ever loved is this light and you were the only star stupid enough to offer yourself up to me.”

            woohyun stares.

            it's like-


            he remembers he wants to kiss, and he pulls sunggyu aside and presses him up against the wall and swallows sunggyu's gasp with his own begging moan. the glow that beams between them lights up the entire room, brighter than any other touch will give.



            black holes are essentially dead stars, aren't they? they died in light, never to see light again. their gravitational field so strong, nothing that comes close can escape. and woohyun willingly comes close, brushing that horizon sunggyu touched and froze in as a black hole. hey

            it's sunggyu's gravitational field that finds woohyun at his doorstep at night.

            “what, sungyeol isn't letting you into the room?” he asks, a little bleary.

            “no,” woohyun says, smiling chirpily. “this is the way home i remember.” sunggyu tries not to give a reaction, scrunching up his nose and frowning hard at the cheesiness of woohyun's words. woohyun laughs, places a soft kiss on sunggyu's lips. “let me in?”

            sunggyu doesn't let the kiss stop there. he curls arms around woohyun's waist and hauls the star in, closing the door behind them. he presses woohyun up against the door and kisses his lips, nibbles his lips, kisses his lips again. he kisses woohyun's cheeks and leaves a glowing trail, burning, from his chin up his jaw and lingers behind his earlobe. he breathes in deep and leaves tear spots on the shoulder of woohyun's shirt.

            “i'll forget my own name if you continue doing that,” woohyun jokes. “and not because you're a black hole.”

            sunggyu sniffs and pulls away. “dumb ass joke.” he scolds, smacking woohyun on the chest.

            woohyun wipes the tear tracks off sunggyu's cheeks. “hey,” he cups sunggyu's face in his hands. “i'm serious, though, can we fuck?”

            sunggyu's breath catches and he pulls away completely, putting distance between them. the light disappears, bathing the room in darkness made easy only by the moonlight through the window.

            woohyun sighs. “i'm sorry.”

            sunggyu sits down on the floor, plays with the hem of his pajama trousers. woohyun sits next to him. they don't look at each other or the glow threatening to spill between their nearly touching feet. woohyun had walked over bare-footed.

            “you'll forget-”

            “why does it matter?” woohyun cuts in, swift and sudden. “i can remember you, you, you. that's all that matters. i just need to remember you. your name, your name, you. if i forget everything, i'll at least remember your name, i promise. i can give up everything, i can give my own name up, i just want- i mean, i don't mean i just want sex- i need to show you that i can give you everything because i'm so completely in- i was back then and i still am now- and if i forget everything, i won't forget that i love-”

            and it's true what they say about black holes – sunggyu's kiss, touch and- sunggyu takes woohyun's breath away and woohyun isn't sure he even wants it back.



            powerful explosions can occur when a black hole and a neutron star collide, creating another black hole. when a black hole and a star are close together... here, have an explosion of lights brighter and more beautiful than the aurora australis or gamma rays or fireworks or fairy lights that people love to string up as decoration- brighter than all of that combined. black holes suck everything around them in, but they stay isolated and invisible, only stupid stars like woohyun will pause, smile and brush fingertips against sunggyu's cheek and say stupid things like, “i look at you and remember i have to kiss you.”



            woohyun is smiling at sunggyu when he wakes up in the morning. they're still pressed together, bodies bare, glow bright. woohyun's fingers card through sunggyu's hair and sunggyu smiles at him, pulls woohyun close around the waist for a kiss. they kiss, languid and lazy, sunggyu laughs and squeezes woohyun tighter.

            woohyun laughs. and then he leans in for a kiss again.

            “hey,” he whispers. “i can't remember why i kissed you. but i look at you and i feel like i need to, one more.” he kisses sunggyu again. “so, could you tell me, is my name sunggyu?”


            - fin -

endnote: it's underwhelming i know.... orz oOOOOOOoooo but yeah basically infinite's comeback was kind of like a dream come true especially the mv. gang-related concept wow ya gangster movies are like my favourite things, how did woollim know? ;u;
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