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Masterlist (with available links)

I have deleted my both my livejournal and asianfanfics accounts, that's why there are a lot of missing links in the last masterlist. This is an updated masterlist with accessible links (posted to dreamwidth). My fics can only be found on this dreamwidth, currently. But I'll be posting on my tumblr & this website in the future.


junhyung x hyunseung

junseung drabbles g - nc17
Discouraged → pg13
Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you → pg
Waking Up → g

kikwang x dongwoon

Call → g
I've drowned and dreamt this moment → nc17
Oh you bite your friends like chocolate → pg13

doojoon x yoseob

I'm still waiting → pg13

woohyun x sunggyu

woogyu drabbles
And that face isn't young → r
Behind my face and above my throat → r
Breakfast at the heartbreak hotel → r
Dancing in the rain sound → g
Dream Beautifully → pg
Fair Bed → g - nc17
Get your filthy fingers out of my pie → pg13
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun → r
I couldn't aspire to anything higher → nc17
I was born to rage → r
Kiss me goodbye into the light → pg13
Living With You → g
Mouth is alive with juices like wine → pg13
Must be your skin that I'm sinking in → pg
Rules and Regulations at the Zombie Rehabilitation Centre → g
Pause the lips upon my face → r
Pull me into your cold dead lips → r
Superstars sucked into the supermassive → r
To stay alive you gotta kill your mind → pg
Vandalism → pg13
Wear me like a brand → pg13

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