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I have a lot of names of the Internet and I don't really care what people call me - dainuhsoar, nevrek, sayzey or more recently, frank. People hardly talk about me, anyway, so whatever. But if you must know my real name, it's Shalyn hehe. I'm not a huge fan of my real name, that's why I hardly tell people it. And I also maintain this super cut-off-from-real-life persona so people throwing my real name around makes me very worried...

When I first started out writing fanfiction, I used to write a lot of fluffy stuff, like I could hardly write angst. But as I grow older, I've become like really cynical and so more angsty shit surfaces lol. Almost all of the fanfiction I write now are either woogyu and/or angst.

A lot of my fics have/contain references to animals? I really like using animal kingdom metaphors. :)))) Speaking of metaphors, I consider myself a very shallow and literal writer, so I don't fancy using metaphors and rather spell things out for readers but once in a while (actually more recently) I like leaving endings open. It's either because I'm too lazy to give a proper ending or because I can't decide on whether I want there to be a definite ending. (warning: I'm a very lazy writer......)

A lot of my angsty woogyu fics have death/frankenstein themes because i'm obsessed with frankenstein. A lot of them are film/storybook AUs because I have no originality. And a lot of them are vampire or werewolf AU because I have this fetish for vampire and werewolves OK. If you're wondering, yes, I'm a Twilight and Teen Wolf fan. I'm only a fan of the Twilight movies, though. Teen Wolf, TV show. A lot of my fics are inspired by movies I have watched too, btw. I'm a fan of action movies with 2 stupid dudes as main characters, very specifically Boondock Saints.

I used to be able to think of titles but once again, as i grow older or something, my creativity depletes and I get lazier so I lift lyrics from songs for a lot of my titles. More than half of my woogyu fics have titles from song lyrics.

I don't give trigger warnings some times, so do read at your own risk because some of my fics contain suicide-themes (thought i think i have trigger-warning-ed all of the fics with suicide themes).

All my recent fics can be found on my
AFF page and my livejournal community.


junhyung x hyunseung kikwang x dongwoon
junseung drabbles → g - nc17
3 Times → nc-17
After U → r
Again → g
And I'll give my life away
→ pg-13
California → pg-13
Computer Talk → nc-17
Criminal → r
Crying → pg
Dirty Dancer → r
Discouraged → pg-13
Fingers → pg-13
From Then to Now → pg
He About to Lose Me → pg-13
How Do I Live/Breathe? → pg
I Can Explain
→ pg13 - nc17
If → r
Incorporate This → pg
Living → g
Losing a Life With Every Touch → r
Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you
→ pg
Name → pg
Pretty Eyes → pg
Resistance → nc-17
Shake It → pg-15
Shaking → g
Showers → pg-15
Soap → g
Somewhere in Between → g
Steam → pg
Sunlight Picture → g
The Classic → g
The Way → pg-13
Walls and Floors → g
Where's Hyunseung? → g
Who'd Have Known → r
Writing a Fanfic → pg
Your Body is a Wonderland
→ pg-13

Appa and Umma → pg
At Our Age
g - nc17
au → pg
Beautiful Monster → r
because we will both know by tonight we'll feel normal again → pg-13
Better → pg
→ g
Blankets Aren't Only Meant for Sleeping Under → g
Call → g
Completely Feral → r
Falls → pg
Gasoline, Till the World Ends (smut cont.) → nc-17
His → nc-17
If We Ever Meet Again → pg-13
I'll Paint You → pg
I'll write you a song → g
In Another Life → r
Morning Birds → g
Need You Now → pg
Oh you bite your friends like chocolate → pg-13
Popsicles are Always Good → g
Secret → pg-13
Seventeen, But I Wish We Were Older → r
Snake → g
Somebody's Me → r
Taste and Smell → pg-13
Touch → g
Try → pg-13
Whose Hand Is Bigger → g
With One Eye → nc-17
Wonderful Tonight → pg-13

doojoon x yoseoborig3
And So They Were Killers → pg-13
Have You Looked Close Enough? → pg-13
I Could Do More → g
If That's OK With You → pg-13
In This California Kind Bed, Wrapped in Your Arms → pg-13
In Which Doojoon Doesn't Know → pg-13
Love The Way You Lie
Moonlight Songs → g
Passenger Seat → g
Please Come Over → g
Realities and Expectations → pg
That Time We Almost Kissed and then We Did → g
What's This → pg
When You're Not Home
→ pg-13

Bubble Wrap → g
Gasoline, Till the World Ends → pg-13
I've drowned and dreamt this moment → g - nc17
→ nc17

doojoon x junhyung

Our Quiet Time → g
jonghyun x key jonghyun x onew
Addicted → r
Doesn't Get It → r
Extinct → g
I'll Cry For You → g
Rainbow Bobble
→ pg
Too Cute to be a Meat Seller → g

onew x taemin

Just the Guy → g
Maknae Onew, Leader Taemin → pg
→ pg15 - nc17

woohyun x sunggyu myungsoo x sungyeol
woogyu drabbles → g - nc17
41 Days → r
A Love Letter → g
And that face isn't young
→ r
And you never love with the safety on → r
Better method of pretending
→ r
Breakfast at the heartbreak hotel → r
Buy me a house of gold
→ pg-13
Count On Me → g
Dancing in the Rain Sound → g
Domesticity Meme
→ g - pg15
Drank some wine, walked the sky
→ g
Dream Beautifully → pg
Fair Bed → g - nc17
First → pg
Flames they licked the walls
→ nc17
Get your filthy fingers out of my pie → pg-13
Heaven's grief brings hell's rain → g - nc-17
Heaven is a place on Earth with you
→ pg-13
I bleed into your mind → pg-13
I Have a Lover who Enjoys the Early Mornings → g
I fall apart, I fall apart, → g
I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun → r
I should fall short of the mark
→ r
I told you I wanted more
→ pg13
I Want You → g
I was born to rage
→ r
In Bed → g
It's been forever since
→ pg-13
Just the Way You Are → pg-13
Kinks series → g - nc-17
Mouth is alive with juices like wine → pg13
Must be your skin that I'm sinking in → pg
One-Sidedness and Control → nc-17
Pause the lips upon my face → r
Pinching → g
Pull me into your cold dead lips
→ r
Reckless → pg-13
Resist It Then → pg
Rules and regulations at the zombie rehabilitation centre
→ g
Seeing → pg-15
The gnashing teeth and criminal tongues conspire against the odds
→ nc17
The Stars are Holding You Tonight
→ g - pg13
They live across each other
→ g
To stay alive you gotta kill your mind → pg
Tonight the foxes hunt the hounds
→ r
Wide → nc-17
Wear me like a brand → pg-13
What spring is like on-a Jupiter
→ g
Woohyun's Delivery Service → pg

Discoveries series → g - nc-17
Glow → g
other fandoms
bbomb x ukwon kan x leeu
36 One-shot Challenge: Place, Prop, Phrase → g - nc-17
Escape → pg-15
→ pg

Arcade → g
These Stuffed → g
Ulzzang Days
→ pg-13
mika x karam yesung x ryeowook
Short Mikaram fic → g Not Alone → pg-13

chunji x ljoe

50neshot ChunJoe Challenge → g - nc-17

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It's so huge omg °____° Don't know where to start XD How long have you been writing ?

From Shakufye ~

(Anonymous) 2013-10-22 04:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Omg it must be hard °° I don't want to do a masterlist now XD

How old are you ? :o My first kpop band was DBSK in 2003 so... XD

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Wow you're only 18 ! You sound so mature I thought you were older XDD It's me the relic so ;o; I'm 22 years old, turning 23 in summer :( You haven't started college hell yet... Enjoy your last high school year, dear >o

(Anonymous) 2013-11-09 10:31 am (UTC)(link)
I see :o

I'm studying Public Relations. There are a lot of languages and mindfuck lessons like accounting T____T And lately I've been so busy that I'm like a zombie x.x

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That's nc17 not going open. Is it protect? How can i access that links? Cuz i wn to continue some of them

(Anonymous) 2013-10-24 09:24 pm (UTC)(link)
How is it? It's not working yet,, T_T
I hve been added you but still denied when i click the story from lj,, seriously just made me crazy cuz the hang up of the story,, hiks,,

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Wanna to read " i can explain p2" n "at our age p3", n also another nc 17 stories.. yeah i love ur fic , especially ur b2st fanfics,, hehe

(Anonymous) 2013-10-27 12:14 am (UTC)(link)
Kekeke thank you so much.. so im not curious again hehe