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woogyu drabbles

title: woogyu drabbles
rating: varies
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu

summary: a dumpsite for my woogyu drabbles which will be updated irregularly.

after the fall

a/n: 'after the fall' is inspired by Metro Station's song of the same title.


Woohyun just happened to glance out the window. It wasn’t like he sensed it or anything- it was just a complete coincidence that Kim Sunggyu strode past the classroom right at that moment. And because Kim Sunggyu was the most perfect human Woohyun had ever met plus Woohyun was Sunggyu’s boyfriend, he thought he pretty much had the entire right to excuse himself from class to go to the restroom when his actual intention was to follow Sunggyu.

When Woohyun was finally out of the classroom, Sunggyu was standing about fifteen feet away, waiting for him as if he had planned to lure Woohyun out from class the entire time. Woohyun jogged up to the gorgeous boy and grinned till his cheeks ached.

“What are you doing out of class, hyung?” Woohyun asked, instantly taking Sunggyu’s hand as they started walking together.

The corridors were empty and only teachers’ voices could be heard from the classrooms. They didn’t worry about anyone catching them holding hands because everyone was too absorbed in their lesson. Everyone was always too absorbed. Even if anyone caught them, he would be a student and everyone knew Sunggyu and Woohyun were always together so no one would say anything. Only the teachers didn’t know they were together together.

Sunggyu shrugged and then looked guilty. “I just needed a break. It felt kind of stifling in there.”

They went to the front of the school and sat at the stairs. Sunggyu hugged his knees and buried his head in his arms. Woohyun wrapped an arm around Sunggyu’s shoulder and leaned his head against Sunggyu’s. They kept still.

The wind whistled past their ears lightly, ruffled their hair a little like a mother would do to her children before letting off to school as a way of saying “I’ll see you later, you be good now, y’hear?” to them. It felt nice, kind of nostalgic. The scent that it brought with it was sweet, Woohyun could almost taste it in the back of his throat.

Sunggyu tapped Woohyun’s cheek and Woohyun straightened up.

“I’m so tired.” Sunggyu sighed. He stared at Woohyun, who grinned back. “Woohyun-ah, I think I need a hug.”

Woohyun was happy to give it to him – leaning in and encircling arms around Sunggyu’s waist comfortably. He pulled Sunggyu in closer so their chests touched and it became kind of uncomfortable because now their backs ached and their knees knocked but Woohyun didn’t seem to mind and Sunggyu seemed to like it since all he did was sigh peacefully and breathe in deeply.

Woohyun could feel the stretch, pull, push or simple plush of the fabric of Sunggyu’s uniform jacket. He could feel the warmth and softness and easiness of Sunggyu’s body. You know that feeling of going home after a long day and then finally sinking your head into your fluffy pillow? That relief and peace and finally, I’m home and happy feeling you get? That was how Woohyun felt as he held Sunggyu’s body to his, he felt like the whole world dropped out of existence and only Sunggyu mattered and Sunggyu brought him peace as much as he brought Sunggyu peace.

The wind blew again past them again, soft like a first kiss should be, soft like the “Thank you, I love you.” into Woohyun’s ear.

- end -


Woohyun pins Sunggyu's wrists against the wall and kisses him madly. Like his next breath will be his last or his next second will be his last. Like there's no tomorrow and there will be no second chance. Woohyun thinks of telling Sunggyu "I love you I love you I love you so fucking much it scares me." He wants to spill ev.ery.thing. to Sunggyu - like how much he thinks of Sunggyu when Sunggyu's not there, how much he stares at Sunggyu when Sunggyu is there- how beautiful and amazing and wonderful and brilliant and gorgeous (insert all kinds of words to describe how glorious he is) Kim fucking Sunggyu is.


Woohyun wants so badly to say all of this. But all he does is lean in closer to him as Sunggyu's body arches so fascinatingly well and fitting into Woohyun's slightly slumped body, and kisses him badly, harshly, failing to translate all his feelings into the kiss.


But then Sunggyu moans and he drops an "I love you." into Woohyun's mouth. Their bodies stop sliding against each other and Sunggyu blinks in that adorable way and blushes in that equally adorable way and then looks away with an embarrassed scowl. Woohyun laughs and murmurs, "I love you back." into the corner between Sunggyu's chin and shoulder along his neck.


They kiss again, all thoughts failing to translate and not needing to.

- end -

a/n: just something short that was on my mind.


A/N: songfic - 'clumsy' by fergie.


Woohyun has never been the best dancer but there must be another reason for his horrible performance during practice. He’s dancing like his arms and legs are running away from his body because of how horrible he is. And to make matters worse, he keeps getting distracted and tripping over his feet or tripping over the other group members’ feet or tripping over thin air if that’s even possible because he seems to be tripping every 5 minutes.

Sunggyu is usually lenient on Woohyun because- well, it’s Woohyun – he’s always the one lightening the atmosphere when it gets heavy. He shares a room with Woohyun and he’s the closest to Woohyun – Sunggyu obviously has a soft spot for Woohyun.

But Woohyun is so off his game and his mind is obviously somewhere else that Sunggyu can’t just shrug it off as ‘just Woohyun being Woohyun’ anymore. He catches Woohyun’s eye from across the practice room and Woohyun promptly chokes on his water, some sputtering out and on to the floor. Myungsoo gives him a disgusted look and scuttles away from him.

Sunggyu staggers over to Woohyun, exhausted because of the number of times they had to repeat the routine because Woohyun kept messing it up. He drops down, too close to Woohyun than he expected or planned but doesn’t care anyway. The warmth between their thighs and arms is unbearably sticky and uncomfortable. And usually Sunggyu will groan about how gross Woohyun is but he doesn’t this time, either too tired or simply too used to feeling Woohyun’s arm against his- Woohyun’s skin against his.

“What’s wrong with you?” Sunggyu asks him crossly, trying to glare but failing because augh making an angry expression is such hard work. “Why isn’t your mind here today? You’re dragging us all behind, Woohyun-ah. We’re all in this state because of you.”

Woohyun looks so guilty that Sunggyu kind of wants to turn back time to take his words back. This isn’t the time to be soft-hearted, Sunggyu, he tells himself. Sunggyu steels his eyes and tells Woohyun to “pick himself up” before calling for another practice round.

Groans and complaints rise from the members. They shoot Woohyun warning glares like if you mess it up again we’re going to mess you up. Sungjong shoots him a look that almost says if you mess it up again I’m going to make sure you and the ones you love die. ‘Sunggyu’ flits through Woohyun’s mind at that and then he shakes his head and tries to get back into shape.

Unfortunately, Sungjong’s warning only made him more nervous and clumsy. The music starts and three seconds in, Woohyun has already made his first mistake. Sunggyu gives him an irritated look but doesn’t call for a halt. Woohyun makes his second mistake at the first minute, he’s not standing where he’s supposed to be. Sunggyu’s next to him and Woohyun is watching himself in the mirror in front of them so he’s caught totally (but maybe a little exaggeratedly) off-guard when Sunggyu touches his sleeve softly to tell him to move back two steps.

A look of utter shock crosses Woohyun’s face as he jumps a step sideways away from Sunggyu. Woohyun lands on his ass and he yelps out in pain. Sunggyu gets on his knees instantly and asks if Woohyun’s okay. Someone turns the music off and they crowd around Woohyun.

“I’m fine.” Woohyun says, waving their hands away. “I’m sorry I messed up again.”

Sunggyu sighs. But his pretty pink lips twist into a smile. “It’s okay, babe.”

The rest of the members roll their eyes, muttering things like He’s only soft to his stupid boyfriend and shuffles away, declaring practice for the day over by themselves.

Woohyun grabs Sunggyu’s wrist and holds him down before he can go collect their stuff. He gives Sunggyu this worried, troubled look and says, “Every time I look at you, I get this weird butterflies in my stomach and it makes me nervous. That’s why I keep tripping. I’m sorry I can’t help it.”

Sunggyu resists the urge to coo. He just smiles and ruffles Woohyun’s hair like he’s a little kid. Woohyun’s eyebrow twitches in annoyance but figures he doesn’t have the right to be annoyed at all with Sunggyu.

“You’re so greasy that I’ll forgive you this once.” Sunggyu says, feeling light and fluttery and like he wants to giggle and like there are bubbles in his throat just trying to spill from his mouth. “But seriously, stop it, you’re going to get yourself killed.”

Woohyun shrugs and grins that sideways-toothy grin of his. “I’m clumsy only ‘cus I’ve fallen in love.”



Bring me flowers

a/n: title from hope's 'bring me flowers'.


                there's a man who lives on the end of the street who woohyun would really like to know. that man has nice friendly eyes and a soft pleasant smile. he wakes up early and he greets everyone on sight. he has a habit of calling himself old, calling himself an elderly and he has a habit of demanding respect from the youngsters. he's a man and with a little grey in his hair and an ache in his back. but he still looks lovely with his friendly eyes and pleasant smile.

                he lives alone in that little house. woohyun knows because he only sees him leave and enter the gates. he thinks maybe this man is lonely, maybe this man needs a companion. woohyun waits for him outside his gates in the morning just to be the first to receive that smile and that whispered 'good morning, boy.' it never fails to make woohyun walk with a slight skip in his steps for the rest of the day.

                woohyun brings the man flowers some times. he leaves the flowers outside the man's gates and then waits outside for the sun to fall and for the man to come home from work. he smiles at woohyun and thanks woohyun for the flowers, picking them up and bringing them in. and he opens the gates for woohyun to come in too. woohyun never goes in, he doesn't belong to the man. he has his own home to return to. so he turns and goes home.

                on some afternoons, when his family lets him out of the house, woohyun likes to sit outside the convenience store and watch the cars, buses and vans go past. he watches the traffic until his eyes droop close. and he falls asleep at the sidewalk until he hears the man's voice. woohyun wakes up and the man is smiling down at him, all friendly eyes and pleasant smile. the bell above the door jangles as the man goes into the convenience store.

                woohyun watches from outside, itching to go in but knowing he can't. they'll just chase him out if he does. the man gestures to woohyun and the convenience store boy glances out. they talk about woohyun and woohyun can tell, tilting his head to one side curiously. and then the man waves goodbye to the boy and comes out to join woohyun on the sidewalk. they sit side-by-side.

                the man with the grey hair and slouched back, pleasant eyes and nice smile, says things woohyun doesn't understand. he ruffles woohyun's head and rifles through his plastic bag for something for woohyun to eat. he holds the treat in his hand for woohyun, who gratefully eats it.

                the man laughs. he ruffles woohyun's head again. and woohyun can hear how hollow his laughter is. woohyun looks at him with sad eyes. he smiles back.

                "good boy, i wish i had a dog like you to spend my days with."


a/n (2): not exactly a woogyu but i imagined a woogyu anyway. (i mean who else likes to call himself old besides sunggyu?) not exactly a pairing because it's a dog and a human but uh i have too much feels for a puppy woohyun and sunggyu. orz and bc of a cherik fic i read nao;duifnasmdf IT WAS SO QT.