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Get your filthy fingers out of my pie

title: Get your filthy fingers out of my pie
rating: pg-13 for foul mouth x1 or x2
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu (i can hear the groans of 'again!?')
wordcount: 3,539

summary: Woohyun is Edward, Sunggyu is Jacob and the coffee shop is Bella.

notes: Title is from Florence + The Machine's 'Girl With One Eye'.


            these days, it's entirely insulting to call someone a pup, or a puppy, or even to liken someone to anything doggy. the ordinary dogs are adorable, sure, but when a human is likened to a dog (or worse, a wolf) it's probably the most insulting insult ever.

            because nobody wants to be a werewolf.

            werewolves are stupid clumsy greedy beasts that eat and then dress up as grandmothers to trick little girls in red capes carrying a basket of cakes and pies. werewolves are cannibalistic but stupid and they can blow houses made of sticks and hay down to eat the little pigs living in those houses. werewolves are ugly and beastly and ill-mannered and they lock maidens in their big houses until the maiden gives in to them.

            generally, werewolves are damned creatures and it doesn't matter that they're half-human because they're all-beast anyway. so it's not nice to tell someone, "aw, you're like a little puppy!" because it suggests that they're werewolves.

            but "he's like a little pup." is what woohyun thinks, anyway, as he watches the boy shove bite after bite of the apple pie into his mouth.

            the boy had strutted into the coffee shop about 10 minutes ago with a shy smile and nose in the air, sniffing hungrily. he then plopped down at a seat at the counter and leaned forward and waved enthusiastically at a waiter behind the counter to come over. sungyeol had told woohyun to tend to the other customers and approached the new customer himself. they exchanged greetings and words and woohyun could see the boy grinning all the way and he had let out a loud moan of happiness or something and said, "it smells so fucking good in here!" that made woohyun smile a little as he tried to concentrate on making an espresso.

            when sungyeol pushed woohyun aside to bend and get a pie out of the display case beneath the counter, woohyun gave him a questioning eyebrow and sungyeol looked over his shoulder at the boy who was practically bouncing in his seat in excitement, and then turned back to grin at woohyun like he likes this boy, whoever he is. and it takes something to get sungyeol to like you. woohyun knows because it took him five years of working together.

            sungyeol served the boy a slice of apple pie (that woohyun baked) and between the sinful moans and loud chewing, woohyun made out a name. sunggyu. without a last name. well, that's not a surprise, lots of people don't like revealing their last names.

            "did you bake this?" sunggyu asks sungyeol, shoving the last bite of the pie into his mouth. "do you have blueberry? please tell me you have blueberry." and he smiles so brightly and there are little bits of the pie stuck in his teeth and tiny crumbs all over his mouth and woohyun finds himself wanting to go over and laugh with sungyeol and sunggyu.

            "i bake the cakes but woohyun over there bakes the pies." sungyeol says, pointing woohyun out. at which point, woohyun quickly spins around to face another customer. he doesn't want to be caught staring... not enviously, of course not.

            "i love it." he hears sunggyu say breathily. "and jesus christ, how do you make this place smell so good?"

            sungyeol gives him a plate of blueberry pie. "that's sort of the whole point to this coffee shop. we make the scents of the cakes and coffees as strong as possible to mask all the other scents. we don't care if you're human or vampire, we welcome you to the shop, something like that."

            "but werewolves?"

            woohyun can sense a slight tensing in sungyeol's tone. "um, no, we don't really welcome them. nowhere does. they don't come into coffee shops, anyway."

            "yeah, tearing the place apart is more their style, isn't it? i heard they like to make an entrance." sunggyu's voice is joking and cheery and he laughs lightly at the end.

            sungyeol immediately loosens up again. "yeah, yeah, that's more their style."

            "i'm gonna have to go, but i'll be back tomorrow. is this enough to cover the pies?" woohyun hears a clinking of fork against plate and then a rustling of money.

            sungyeol makes a surprised noise. "it's more than enough. hold on, i'll get you change."

            "no, it's fine." sunggyu says. "maybe tomorrow i get another pie free."


            sunggyu passes the front counter as he heads for the exit. he turns slightly and catches woohyun's returning gaze. his face is kind of blank for a moment and then he grins warmly, toothily. he bows his head slightly, as if in thanks for the pie, and then exits the coffee shop after taking another deep breath. woohyun finds himself trying to vault across the counter to get to sunggyu's retreating back.

            sungyeol gives him a weird look just as he has his butt on the counter. woohyun shakes himself off and lands on his feet.

            "just wiping the counter with my ass." woohyun shrugs casually.

            sungyeol holds up the bill sunggyu gave him. "i love him, i really hope he's coming again tomorrow."

            woohyun hopes that too.


            the next morning, sunggyu is the first customer. the coffee shop is empty and he sits at a window table. sungyeol is in the back, preparing cakes onto plates. and woohyun's at the front of the shop, wiping down tables. so he goes over to sunggyu and notices sunggyu looks so haggard, he didn't shave this morning and has a light stubble growing. his hair is uncombed and limp and his shirt is streaked with dirt. it looks like he's been running around in the woods but why would anyone do that? unless they're hunting, and judging by the slight definition of muscles on sunggyu's arms, it's possible that he's a hunter.

            "coffee?" woohyun offers.

            "yes please." sunggyu's smile still manages to be every bit as bright though.

            woohyun is careful at making sunggyu's coffee but he's quicker than normal too because all he wants is to return back to sunggyu, sit down and talk for like hours and hours or something. sunggyu just has that about him, this likable aura that makes people drawn to him like bees to honey. in high school, sunggyu will be the kid everyone wants to be friends with, not the popular-top-of-social-pyramid kid, but the friendly-there's-no-such-thing-as-social-pyramid-i'll-just-be-friends-with-all-of-you kid.

            woohyun watches sunggyu sip the coffee slowly. he sighs and then slumps in his seat and he looks like he's going to nod off but when woohyun stands (when the hell did he sit?), sunggyu asks him to sit back down. the shop is still empty anyway so woohyun sits down and waits for sunggyu to start a conversation. or if sunggyu doesn't want to initiate a conversation, woohyun is going to.

            and sunggyu doesn't, so woohyun asks him, "so where are you from?"

            "nowhere nice." sunggyu shrugs, smiling a little sadly. "are you originally from here too?"

            "yeah, lived here my whole life."

            sunggyu takes a deep breath. "you smell like this place. it smells so good, this coffee shop, you know how good it smells?"

            "so good?"

            "yeah." sunggyu laughs. "it smells like the cakes and the fruit pies and the different types of coffee... it even smells a little... green. can smell have colour?"

            woohyun laughs. "why not? maybe it's the plants that smell green." he gestures to the potted plants hanging from the ceiling, among the hanging lights.

            "have more creativity than that, won't you?" sunggyu teases. "do you use an air freshener?"

            "no, why would we?"

            "because normally air fresheners smell green." sunggyu shrugs.

            woohyun wants to say that sunggyu sounds like a dog, is behaving like a dog. but he quickly bites his tongue back. he's still not very used to all the change in social protocol, it's only been five years, after all. and in these five years, he hasn't met someone like sunggyu, someone he wants to impress and talk to for days on end. for these five years, he's been hanging out with sungyeol and sometimes howon and he doesn't really need to watch himself around them, which calls for zero social protocol. of course they won't appreciate being called dogs or puppies but they won't react as violently as other people.

            other people would kill anyone if they were called dogs.

            sunggyu doesn't look like he belongs to that category of people but still, woohyun doesn't want to risk offending him.

            "i may be a little in love with the coffee shop." sunggyu says. he downs the last of the coffee. there's still steam rising from the porcelain cup and woohyun stares at it. "thank you for the coffee." he starts to dig in his pockets for money.

            woohyun quickly stops him. "it's fine. you paid for more than two slices of pie yesterday so..."

            sunggyu grins. "well, thanks."

            sunggyu stays for a little while more and they talk about things like how long the coffee shop has been in business (5 years and counting), what coffee beans they use (sunggyu tells woohyun about the cat-poop coffee beans), who owns the place (sungyeol opened it and then he recruited woohyun) - light matters like these, until more customers stream in. and then woohyun has to tend to them because sungyeol can't handle them alone. before sunggyu leaves, he leans over the counter and thanks woohyun for the coffee and the time. woohyun wants to jump over the counter again to close his hand around sunggyu's shoulder, to make sunggyu stay.

            sunggyu stops at the door and turns to wave to sungyeol and woohyun notices that sunggyu doesn't look as tired as he was this morning anymore, which kind of makes woohyun happier than ever.


            it's not until the fifth day that woohyun starts to find his crush for sunggyu kind of strange and, honestly, foolish. he's falling for sunggyu too quickly - what kind of super pheromones is sunggyu giving out exactly? but sungyeol doesn't react to sunggyu like how woohyun reacts to sunggyu. sungyeol likes sunggyu, sure, because who can possibly resist sunggyu's charming eye-smiles and soft flips of his caramel-coloured hair, right? but woohyun fawns over sunggyu like he's the most precious thing ever, he wants to spend every waking minute with sunggyu and he wants to talk about sunggyu when he's not around. his crush is so very stupidly obvious and sungyeol teases him about it until he realizes woohyun has no shame in showing how in love with sunggyu he is, so sungyeol goes to ignoring woohyun and his dreamy sighs and girly squeals whenever sunggyu comes through the door.

            it's ridiculous, how easy he's falling in love with sunggyu. it's foolish, how easy he's trusting sunggyu.

            where did sunggyu come from, anyway? days like these, information like that is important. woohyun is about to ask sunggyu again, but there's a sudden shout from the streets and sunggyu literally jumps in shock as he swivels round in his chair to look out the large window.

            across the street, a young man, younger than woohyun and sunggyu both, is shoved out of the antique shop and onto the street. the distance between the coffee shop and the antique shop takes about 7 long strides, so the street is narrow and quickly being filled with people.

            sunggyu goes out to the street and woohyun follows after him despite sungyeol yelling at them to not give a shit. the young man is being beaten with a cane by two heavy-looking men, both wearing the apron from the antique shop. the man on the floor yells in pain and he looks lost as his eyes sweep across the growing crowd desperately. his eyes pass over woohyun and the golden in his eyes give away what he is – a werewolf.

            woohyun's hand closes around sunggyu's wrist, dragging sunggyu back to the coffee shop. but sunggyu hisses at him to hold on a minute and then he tears his wrist from woohyun's grasp and leaps in front of the young werewolf, holding his hands out as a sign of surrender and peace.

            "please, let's leave the matter to the police." sunggyu pleads with them. "i'm sure he's sorry for whatever he did. if you continue hitting him, he's going to die."

            "those nasty beasts can heal! we're just making sure he's weak enough for the police to bring away!" the shopkeeper on the right snarls.

            "but he's not healing." sunggyu gestures to the werewolf. and he's right. the werewolf on the floor is curling himself into a ball as his bruises bloom purple and his skin tears and bleeds scarlet. he's choking on his own blood and his face is swollen. his hair is also matted with blood from his skull.

            woohyun retreats into the coffee shop and he drags sungyeol out. sungyeol swears at him and shouts that he wants nothing to do with it. but when he sees the ball of a figure on the floor, he grimaces and glares at the shopkeepers, who are waving their sticks at sunggyu threateningly and accusing him of being a werewolf too.

            "come on, stop it. i don't want blood in front of my shop." sungyeol says dismissively. the shopkeepers immediately shrink back, but with sour and disgruntled looks on their faces. sungyeol is a 'lee' and no one wants to defy a 'lee'. "woohyun, bring it to the police."

            "will you be able to handle the-"

            "i'll handle it fine," sungyeol snaps. "can you please fucking go so it can die somewhere other than in front of my coffee shop?"

            the crowd disperses in loud murmurs, eyeing sunggyu and sungyeol cautiously, especially trying to avoid sungyeol.

            woohyun turns to sunggyu, who's hefting the werewolf's arm onto his shoulders. the werewolf groans loudly. he sounds like he's crying too. woohyun quickly puts the werewolf's other arm on his shoulders. the werewolf can't exactly stand and they have to drag him down the street towards the police station. people make way for them, sticking to the sides along the street. they're nervous and suspicious as they eye the three of them.

            "sungyeol's family name is lee?" sunggyu asks, panting a little under the werewolf's weight.


            "are you a vampire too?"

            "used to be human, he turned me. my family name is nam."

            sunggyu's eyes widen and he looks terrified.

            halfway to the police station, sunggyu stops them and he tells woohyun to go back because he doesn't want to bring the werewolf to the police. he wants to bring the werewolf back to his house to get him treated. woohyun doesn't approve it. sunggyu points at the white skin under the werewolf's collarbone, the werewolf is unbranded and the police will kill him. woohyun still doesn't approve of sunggyu bringing the werewolf home. then the werewolf coughs and blood flies out and splatters the floor beneath their feet.

            sunggyu gives woohyun a desperate look. and woohyun just lets them go.

            for some reason, he feels like he's letting sunggyu go too. not in the way that he's letting sunggyu leave, but in the way that he's making an excuse for sunggyu to escape.


            sunggyu doesn't come to the coffee shop the next day or the day after that.

            woohyun feels like sunggyu really has escaped.


            on the eighth day, sunggyu comes in just as woohyun is closing the shop up.

            it's sunggyu's "oh!" that makes woohyun turn around. he feels an odd sense of relief wash over him when he sees sunggyu at the door, like he's letting out a breath that he doesn't know he's been holding, like the tension in his shoulders is released and he can finally slump again, that kind of relief. sunggyu smiles as brightly as ever. woohyun can hardly see the sunggyu who has werewolf blood stained all over his front, he can hardly see the sunggyu whose hands trembled when he gathered the injured werewolf to him. but woohyun can't un-see it either.

            woohyun grins at him. "we're closing but feel free to come in."

            "so early." sunggyu murmurs, looking at the sky outside. it's still bright. but the stores along the street are all closing, shopkeepers coming to the front door to flip the sign to 'close, come back again!' "is today..."

            "Sacrificial Day, yeah." woohyun nods. he shrugs when sunggyu grimaces at him. "i'm not going. sungyeol isn't either. but he went home first because he's not feeling well."

            "can i have some pie to go?" sunggyu seats himself at one of the counter seats.

            "we have strawberry and peach left." woohyun says as he slides the trays out from the display case. "but i like strawberry and sungyeol likes peach." he grins when sunggyu pouts in disappointment. "but i can spare mine and sungyeol's getting a little fat anyway."

            sunggyu laughs. "right? his cheeks are way too fat!"

            woohyun laughs and then asks sunggyu about the werewolf as he puts two slices of pie in individual plastic boxes. sunggyu says the werewolf's doing fine and his name is myungsoo and he likes cake. so woohyun gives him two more slices of cake that sungyeol baked – one sponge cake with vanilla and chocolate icing with a strawberry on top and one red velvet cake.

            "you're going to keep him around town?" woohyun asks.

            sunggyu shrugs. "he's here for a reason."

            "what's the reason?"

            sunggyu smiles and shrugs. "hey, is that a muffin?" he's blatantly trying to skirt around the subject.

            woohyun takes the last chocolate-chip muffin from beneath the glass case and hands it over to sunggyu. "free-of-charge, i'm trying to clear out the leftover pastries. what are you in town for?"

            sunggyu shrugs again and bites into the muffin. he lets out an embarrassingly long moan and sighs happily. he leans closer to the counter in reflex and kind of bounces up and down on his stool. he's so cute and the word 'pup' comes to woohyun's mind again. sunggyu takes another bite of the muffin- another long moan. he notices woohyun staring at him and grins, showing off the chocolate stuck on his teeth.

            woohyun laughs and kisses him anyway.

            sunggyu doesn't kiss back but doesn't pull away too. when woohyun pulls back shamefully, ducking his head in disappointment because sunggyu didn't kiss back meaning sunggyu doesn't like him that way meaning whoa you really screwed up on the social protocol test there, woohyun, and he may just run away now and not return.

            but when woohyun looks up at sunggyu again, telling himself to be a man and deal with the embarrassment like a man, for god's sake, sunggyu is staring right at him, muffin in his hand forgotten and loose, like it's going to fall out of his hand any time soon. sunggyu's face is blank and his eyes are wide. and then he casts his eyes down at the muffin again and takes a bite while looking up at woohyun.

            sunggyu's eyes flash gold.

            "the coffee shop smells like you, it's not you who smells like the coffee shop." sunggyu murmurs, more to himself than to woohyun. "i'm in love with your scent."

            saving a werewolf from getting beaten to death is one thing. falling in love with and kissing a werewolf is a whole different thing. especially when woohyun is a vampire. and he can hear sungyeol screeching at him for being so stupid. he can hear werewolf roars and he can see kibum's eyes flashing gold. and he can almost feel sungyeol's tears on his shoulder and kibum's blood soaking his jeans at his lap, as he touched the bleeding holes in his neck. i'm sorry, either sungyeol or kibum said that.

            it's one thing saving a werewolf, it's one thing being friends with a werewolf, it's a whole other thing to be in love with one and wanting nothing more than to run away with him.

            sunggyu slides off his stool and clutches the paper bag with his cakes and pies in it. he pauses at the door and he looks at woohyun expectantly and hopefully. maybe he wants woohyun to follow him. woohyun isn't sure. they don't know each other well enough for woohyun to understand sunggyu's body language- yeah right.

            woohyun knows time is irreversible but he wishes he can go back in time and never meet sunggyu. because once their eyes locked for the very first time, it was inevitable and irrevocable – like time - they're mates and they're going to stay that way.

            "what's your family name?" woohyun asks, mentally congratulating himself for maintaining his composure and not flipping the fuck out.


            of course it is, a beta.

            "kim sunggyu, don't come back, okay?"

            sunggyu looks shot. he can survive a shot because he's a werewolf. but he looks shot anyway, shot down, shot out, shot through- just shot, he's shot and the bullet wound isn't healing. he looks like he's in that kind of pain. sunggyu turns around and walks out, head bowed.

            so pup-like. woohyun can almost hear him take a last whiff of the coffee shop, of him.

            now woohyun knows sunggyu has escaped.


a/n: good times, guys, good times. let's be serious talk though, does anyone want to take a spin on the au? *crosses fingers*

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