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Oh you bite your friends like chocolate

title: Oh you bite your friends like chocolate
pairing: kikwang x dongwoon
rating: pg-13
wordcount: 1277

summary: a vampire fic where readers play 'two truths, one lie' with the pairing.

a/n: title is from 'chocolate' by the 1975.

kiwoon was in mind when writing this fic even though no names are explicitly stated. descriptions are also unclear. written in 1st person perspective, kikwang is 'you' and dongwoon is 'i'.

the two truths one lie game: usually played to pass time and to find out more about the person/people you're playing it with. basically, when it's your turn, you tell two true statements and one false about yourself and the other players have to guess which is the false statement.

inspired by this art from tumblr. i'm a huge huge sucker for vampire romance and her art blog is full of that so i'm in love, obviously. go on and click the link and fall in love with her art!

warning: so poorly written i think i need to lie down and rethink life choices and my obsession with the vampire/werewolf au.


            two truths and one lie → a vampire fic that should have never been a vampire fic

            two truths and one lie: 1) i'm a vampire, 2) i need you to describe the sunrise to me, 3) i love you.


            we met at the club, music pounding, strobe-lights glaring. well, i hardly noticed you but you kept sliding closer and closer to me as if you were the hound out for my blood. i didn't want you, no, i'd rather have the blonde bombshell with the gyrating hips and pale neck. she was gorgeous and had the right curve where my lips could fit perfect against her neck. you, you were short and bulky and i wasn't sure if i could even see your neck.

            you came closer and closer and i went further and further. and when i reached her, put my hands on her hips, pulled her close to me, she purred and it reached my ears, made me want her even more, i could hear the blood rush. you saw and you stopped and you gave up. i wasn't watching you, you were watching me, but i could feel your gaze drop and i could hear your heart beating faster faster even as you joined hips with someone else, someone who wanted to slide hands down your thighs and feel you wave down their chest.

            she wanted me and i wanted her. she was ready for me, she had turned around and smiled up at me, clasping hands behind my neck as her chest pushed against mine. she's white and glowing and she smelled of sweet perfume and i wanted her wanted her wanted her even if she didn't smell like the tangerine-scented soap i could fucking taste in the air of the seedy club. i cup hands around her face and pushed her head back and she moaned, and someone else moaned, i didn't know who, didn't want to know, and i put my lips on the perfect curve of her neck.

            her blood was disgusting.

            i didn't know blood could be disgusting. apparently hers was.

            i didn't want her. i never wanted her.

            and then i had you in my arms, the previous man rubbing up against you pushed away into the sea of hot bodies. you were in my arms and we were a mess because you didn't know what to do with your hands and i didn't know what to do with the tangerine-scented soap crowding up my smell; ironically blinding me (a scent blinding me, could you believe it?) momentarily. and you took that moment to turn around in my arms, to face me and put hands on my shoulders. you were considerably shorter than me, cuter, more clueless, younger and brighter. and you wanted me but probably not as much as i wanted you.

            your face was glowing, sweaty, and you stared at me and licked your lips tentatively, still unsure. you were right up against me and you could feel me wanting you but you were still unsure? and your lips were so... tantalizing. it was god.damn. agonizing to watch your eyes drop to my neck, it was even worse when you fit your lips against my neck in a kiss so gentle.

            i had to have you. i tipped your head back and put my lips to yours, not in a kiss because it couldn't be a kiss, it could never, and i pierced fangs into the side of your lips and drank blood and reveled in the moans you shoved into my open mouth. your fingers tightened in my hair, tying and knotting and loosening, unsure, always unsure.

            sweet, your blood was sweet like nectar and i had drunk elixirs before and i didn't understand why i've never tasted anything like your blood before. you were sweet and silky and yet burned like rich alcohol. i was in love, not with you but with what was in you. i didn't want to stop and only did because i had to preserve what you had, i wanted to keep you forever.



            you held my hand like you weren't afraid of how cold my hand was. you leaned into me and sat next to me and hugged me like you didn't shiver or your teeth didn't chatter. i was freezing cold, but you never questioned it because you knew. it remained unspoken between us.

            you dressed simple and cute and brilliant and i was almost sorry you had to stand next to me in the train, me wearing my all-black ensemble, a fucking cliche walking right out of a 1930s vampire movie. you didn't care, kissed me regularly, which actually translated to 'i had to hold back regularly'.

            people stared and pointed and whispered between themselves when they saw you and i. vampires hissed and balked and came up to us, demanding what the fuck is going on. you bravely told them to fuck off and i just stood next to you, kind of scared and then kind of not because i had you and you were the sweetest blood i've ever tasted and that had gotta mean something to your position in this world, your contribution. i was convinced they had to bow right now at you, but when they didn't and instead lunged out at you, i had to kill them.

            it was uncomfortable having black vampire blood on my white hands. you were terrified as you held my hand still, squishing blood between our red and white palms, colouring both palms black.

            their bodies were left bleeding out and dissipating and nobody cared. maybe their families would care but then again blood lines were so mixed up, criss-crossed and tangled and knotted everywhere that i could be their family and i certainly didn't give a shit so maybe nobody gave a shit about their deaths, yeah?

            i wondered if you would care if i died. you reminded me i had drowned in elixirs before.

            we went to the beach and walked along the shore, looking like we walked straight out of a 1970s romance film. and then you pulled me into the shadows and twisted me so my back faced the sun and you hugged me so my chin was on your shoulder, lips so close to your neck, i could see your neck now, i could almost taste it, and i could smell your blood over the tangerine-scented soap.

            you sighed and said “if only you could see the sunrise, it's beautiful.” and you described it for me but i could never understand because colours didn't mean much to me, my life was black and white and red and you happened to be the prism that scattered those colours into my life, you were full and technicolour. “it's a star, y'know, the sun. it's so bright and orange and it's this half yolk against the horizon.” you laughed and i lapped it up. “the sunlight is making the sea purple and pink, it's so pretty. the skies are purple and pink too, i don't know. i'm horrible at describing it.”

            i wanted to cry, would have if you died.

            you pretended you weren't shivering, but i could feel your entire body shake. i wanted you again (i didn't remember not wanting you ever) and pressed fangs into your neck and you stopped shaking, you grabbed my arms, digging fingernails in.

            and when you whispered, “why won't you kiss me?” i stopped because i remembered i wanted to keep you forever.



            remember that this is a two truths and one lie game and one of those 3 statements is a lie.