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I was born to rage

title: I was born to rage
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
rating: r for language
wordcount: 1567
summary: sunggyu is in prison and recounts the time when he and woohyun fought the 4 elements.

notes:inspired by 'thor' the film by marvel studios. contains no spoilers for both thor 1 and 2. title is from awolnation's 'people'. rated because of language.

went a little over ambitious with this one i must say. whatever. #angrywriter #thorki #lokiistheabsolutebest #stillcryingbcl0ki

            every villain is a hero in his own mind.

            and that's precisely why sunggyu is in the dungeon. there's nothing much to do, it's the prisons after all, but at least he has people giving him books he pretends to read. why would anyone possibly think it's wise to read to pass time in prison? he's never getting out and he's just counting down the days to his death so why would he want to read the way to his death? he'd rather get lost in his own mind than fool himself with alternate universes books serve up in heroic packages.

            in any case, he's read all these damn books before, back when he was still free. thinking back, he can't believe he wasted his time reading while he was free. he could have been taking over the world (earlier) or maybe saving people (sooner).

            saving people as in saving one person in particular; saving one person in particular as in saving woohyun.

            and sunggyu had, he had saved woohyun without a moment too soon. he had to sacrifice a few lives here and there, but he did it, he swooped in and he saved woohyun. and that's all that matters. because he's in love with woohyun and will always be in love with him; because he knows woohyun's life is somehow more important than his and the rest of the world put together, he knows woohyun is bigger than just one universe because woohyun is meant to save all the other universes; because sunggyu understands it isn't always now that matters, people plan for the future and he has planned for the future and the future has to have woohyun, it has to.

            those are the memories he gets lost in.



            memories like standing back-to-back with woohyun, a dagger in one hand and a half-beaten black metal shield in the other. woohyun's panting and hunched, he's tired, breathless, ready to surrender. but he still has a grin on his face as his back touches sunggyu's. he smells burnt, his bare fingers are charred black, his hair singed. sunggyu laughs at woohyun's appearance, woohyun laughs too, shouts something like, “i've never looked as good as you anyway, babe.”

            and sunggyu laughs even harder, presses the handle of his dagger into woohyun's hand and swipes woohyun's face with his thumb, wiping a stripe of grey soot off. he kisses woohyun's cheek where the skin is and whispers, “it's useless against these fire titans but at least we tried.”



            it turned out the dagger was of use, after all. they survive the fire giants and now they are against the earth giants, made of hard rock that don't budge with punches. the giants snigger behind their red-silver faceplates when woohyun punches their leg and immediately yelps with pain as he cradles his fist; they stop sniggering, though, when sunggyu flies out of nowhere from above and smashes his metal black shield, which was folded in around the edges, against the giant's head and proceeds to fall onto his back at the giant's feet next to woohyun. woohyun laughs and pulls him up just as the enemy falls into rock pieces at their feet.

            “stupid giants.” sunggyu says, grinning back as he pats his shield, now dented in the middle in a sizable circle.



            the snow giants are next and they are the absolute worst. it's hard enough that they keep turning into water and then reforming themselves whenever they get beaten down, but woohyun's army has to fight in winter armour too. it's maddening trying to keep their furry coats out of the way, woohyun stripped his coat at one point but found it too cold after 15 minutes and had to steal a coat off one of his fallen soldiers later.

            but sunggyu, faithful loyal sunggyu with his chestnut hair spiked up in different spots on his head, isn't even wearing a shirt with sleeves. his arms are bare as he swings his sword, stabbing the snow giants. the giants melt down everywhere around him but reform in mere seconds. woohyun rushes to sunggyu and pulls him out of the way when a snow giant nearly crushes him with a huge fist.

            the giants' laughter sounds more like roaring, like a hail storm.

            “aren't you freezing?” woohyun asks, shouting over the roaring.

            “oh, whenever you are around, baby, it feels like fire.” sunggyu teases, grinning even through the snow whipping at their faces, messing up his hair, soaking into his thin shirt. he's turning blue at the tips of his fingers, nose and ears.

            woohyun grins back. “we should fuck right now, put the whole place on fire, won't we?”

            they laugh and then sunggyu gets it. they need to build a fire and melt all these snow giants down. but it's snowing and they've been fighting for 3 hours and oh, god, where is that soldier with the wood? it takes them another 4 hours to light a fire big enough, and sunggyu gets his black metal shield sparkling white-hot and slashes his way through snow giants with woohyun at his back.



            the last hurdle is spring, and the wind giants attack. the wind giants are easy, not to be over-confident, but they are. they're easy-going and slow and they like to stop to look at the flowers or sing with the birds. they're a little stupid, that's what they are.

            but they also make woohyun and sunggyu feel like they have to kiss at every bloody second. and the soldiers around them are clearly irked by sunggyu and woohyun's overwhelming lurve for each other. they wrinkle their noses and gag behind their leaders' backs in fun teasing.

            wind giants are gentle and look for peace. they negotiate, sitting down on rocks and talk in soft, low whispers that keep traveling away, like wind taking your voice to a further distance.

            “your army has to stop, you have to stop.” the giants whisper. “you may have taken down my brothers but this is where you won't be tolerated any more.”

            woohyun laughs. and his laugh is annoyingly infectious – that's what makes him leader, he's charismatic in every single aspect, lovable and kind; it's hard to dislike woohyun even with his cynical view of the world.

            “and i won't tolerate anything but your surrender.” and then he simply breathes in deep and-

            basically... he eats up the wind giant.

            and that's how woohyun and his army take the four elements down, and continue to take over the world. and sunggyu realizes he doesn't even have to sacrifice his black metal shield.



            they actually get to earth and then suddenly the whole universe has arrived to the party and is up against them. it's funny how nobody cared when the elements were taken down one-by-one but when they step into earthen territory, it's like shit got real or something.

            exactly why is earth and the meaningless lives on earth so important? why does the entire universe see the need to protect this baby planet and all its lesser-developed, self-hating, self-glorifying people? to sunggyu, earth is enormously insignificant and he doesn't care for it, doesn't even regard its existence, and he thinks they should take over another planet, another universe.

            and woohyun tries to convince him otherwise, constantly pulling him close until their hips check and their thighs are snug against each other. he leans in close and breathes in deep and blows out hot breath against sunggyu's neck and he tries to persuade sunggyu, “earth is fascinating, human beings are fascinating. their lives are so mundane and slow yet they're so happy. and then we have beings on the other end of the spectrum who are so tired of their mundane lives, they do extraordinary things. won't it be fun to play with these things?”

            sunggyu wrinkles his nose all the time and kisses woohyun's forehead and says, “no. i don't think it's very nice to play with lives.” and when woohyun frowns, sunggyu adds, “but i'll follow you anywhere in anything you do anyway, my lord.”

            and woohyun's smile isn't the biggest, but at least he smiles.



            but anyway they invade earth and the whole universe says “back the fuck off.”

            woohyun's army has no chance. they can't even make a proper grand entrance. human beings remain untouched, carrying on with their lives unknowing of the takeover that was an inch to possible.

            woohyun is arrested, taken by the gods, separated from sunggyu. and he cries so hard, fighting off the gods even when his wrists burned and bone can be seen at places where he's lashed, he keeps reaching and reaching for sunggyu until his head snaps back and sunggyu can see woohyun bleeding from his neck. and fuck, he's still alive.

            “stop, please stop.” sunggyu whimpers. “stop resisting them.”

            “YOU SAID YOU'D FOLLOW ME WHEREVER I GO.” woohyun screams.

            sunggyu knows what he has to do. he lunges for his black metal shield and smashes heads in and kills gods, who fall at his feet. he doesn't particularly feel good about it but he has to, because woohyun is bigger than the world, right? woohyun is bigger than everything even after all the giants they've met and been through.

            and woohyun is racing off now, escaping as sunggyu kills anyone who gets in woohyun's way. woohyun never looks back.


            sunggyu doesn't want to read his life away and yet he does, lying flat on the cold floor. his execution date closes in and the world trembles for him.

            it's literally trembling.

            sunggyu sits up, closes the book and looks around. the other prisoners in their own cells are panicking, clutching at walls. he thinks it's stupid and useless but he too clutches the floor for some kind of support. and then there's a particularly violent shake and the roof caves in, rock falling from the ceiling and raining down in front of his cell. the shaking stops and sunggyu carefully approaches his cell door. he waits.

            woohyun jumps down from above. he's grinning, bright, beautiful and brilliant, grey soot over his face and a slash round his neck. he's as every bit the gorgeous charismatic leader he has always been, deluded by the cynic in him and in love, in love, in love with sunggyu.

            he smashes sunggyu's cell door with a black metal shield.

            sunggyu grins back and says, “you followed me this time.”

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