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Pull me into your cold dead lips

title: Pull me into your cold dead lips
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
rating: r
trigger warning(s): suggestions of self-harm, severe bullying, dominance and submission dynamic, underage but not really underage because they're both 20?
wordcount: 1050

summary: woohyun is smee and sunggyu is the captain, or rather, the peterpan au/ more like pirates au/ more like just plain wtf au.

a/n: i read peter and wendy by jm barrie a few weeks back, wanted to do an au fic where woogyu is the captain and smee respectively ever since i finished reading it and whoa here it is. i call this the pirates/ hidden peterpan au. but it's not really, peter pan doesn't even make an appearance, neither does wendy nor her brothers. also, is it fairies or pixies that are mentioned in the book? i can't remember so i went with pixies.

i kind of took a breather from writing a long fic to write this so this is uhhhhhhhhh ok to be quite the very honest this is just a "well-lets-procrastinate" piece? huhu i do quite enjoy this au though. title is from party in the graveyard by ghost town.

Pull me into your cold dead lips

            captain sunggyu hunts down lost boys for a living. this probably makes him sound like a pedophile and if you ask any of the lost boys, they'll cross their hearts and hope to die swearing that the captain is a pedophile. but that's just the way the lost boys are, they're playful things who throw rocks at the pirates' ship any time they feel like, their favourite past time is taking their blunt daggers or swords and scratching the sides of the ship, making this awful screeching nail-on-board noise. sometimes they get their awful mermaid friends to join in.

            the lost boys make the captain positively, colorfully, fucking pissed off. it's their life mission to make the captain mad off his socks and then kill himself. they never grow old and they don't have school so they have all the time in the world to push the captain till he walks his own metaphorical plank.

            it's awful, really, no wonder the captain'd rather be called a pedophile than let those awful kids continue jabbing at him and making his life a living hell. you could always fly away, cap'n, they'd taunt, knowing very well that adults can't fly even with pixie dust. such awful children and all because they don't have a mother to set them straight, to teach them not to bully people like that. if the lost boys weren't bullying the captain, woohyun doubts the captain would want to kill the lost boys at all.

            yes, woohyun can't stand for it. he can't just watch the lost boys poke fun and laugh at the venerable captain like that. he can't just watch the captain tug at his bright red locks and rub his red-rimmed eyes and scratch bright red lines along his arms and legs. he can't just watch the lost boys push the captain so far down the plank, and the captain is just hanging on the edge with one hand, the crocodile with its mega jaws wide open beneath him, the captain with this despondent look on his face like he's going to give up- and oh it's awful.

            “what in actual fuck is wrong with you assholes?” woohyun chides the lost boys, 7 of them without their reverent leader, as he hauls sunggyu off the plank and onto the deck, holding the captain close to him. sunggyu digs bleeding fingernails into woohyun's tattered shirt desperately, still shaking in fright. “how could you be so awful?”

            “he's the one who wants us dead!” the lost boys sing, bouncing away and flying off, back to their stupid underground tree house thing.

            and this happens almost every week. the circles round sunggyu's neck and arms become redder every week. captain sunggyu is beginning to lose his sense of speech as well. how broken he is- broken but... with his eyes cast down and eyelids low, almost closed but not all the way; eyelashes long and casting spidery shadows on his cheeks; one scarlet cut on his cheek, just below his eye, blood still seeping through defiantly; lips ruby and a slight trickle of saliva in the corner, blood mixed with the saliva but diluted into a bronzy-transparent layer of liquid, a slight stubble on his chin, trying to hide a scar 4 months old – he's beautiful like this, in a way. vulnerable, dependent, not at all captain-like, a pathetic shadow to the brilliantly cruel captain he was before the ship stopped flying, before they turned 20 and had to face the fact that they are growing up and they are adults- gasp.

            woohyun had to face his more-than-friendly feelings for the captain, his more i-have-to-fuck-him adult feelings for captain sunggyu.

            woohyun tucks the captain into bed in his dingy cabin, lit up by only one candle by the door. woohyun cleans the captain's face, the captain's fingers. sunggyu blinks at him, nearly not recognizing his last faithful crew member, and woohyun almost cries at the blankness on his captain's face, but it's only for a second and sunggyu is smiling up at him in gratitude, takes woohyun's hand and kisses the back of it gently. he says he can clean himself up now, but his hands shake and water spill everywhere. he coughs and his chest heaves and blood splatters everywhere.

            the beautiful captain laughs and wipes his chin and says he's getting too old too fast. woohyun doesn't find it funny at all.

            sunggyu laughs until he starts to sob.

            “why don't they love me?” he asks, leaning his head against woohyun's chest and leaving tears mixed with mucus on the rough material of woohyun's shirt front.

            “why do you want them to love you?” woohyun demands, angry.

            “that's all i've ever wanted.”

            and then woohyun kisses sunggyu and tastes the metallic tang of blood, the salty taste of tears and probably some mucus, which woohyun readily ignores. they kiss messy, sloppy, inexperienced because they were supposed to be children forever and nobody taught them anything about kissing or what a libido is or why their bodies are reacting this way. at least woohyun is the one reacting, sunggyu whimpers and cries some more but he sucks on woohyun's lips and drinks woohyun in, wrapping legs around woohyun's waist and arms around his neck, wanting more contact but not knowing how to get it.

            woohyun decides he needs to get skin contact and takes the captain's tunic off, he runs appreciative hands down sunggyu's bare chest, sunggyu trembles and sighs and gasps at the same time, fingers gripping tighter and eyes fluttering close. woohyun kisses any skin he can get, going especially slowly and casually over every red scar, wound, still bleeding cut on the captain's exposed skin.

            and then he kisses the captain's neck and bites tenderly near his ear and whispers, “how awful that they don't.” and woohyun is in control, is in control, has been in control ever since he turned 20 years old and sunggyu pinned him to the floorboards, body heavy on woohyun's body, glare on his face, squinting his eyes, as if trying to hide that faint glare of adult feelings and hissed, “you're not awful enough to be captain.”


a/n: should i even write anymore /throws things/

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