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Mouth is alive with juices like wine

Title: Mouth is alive with juices like wine
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Woohyun x Sunggyu
Wordcount: 2039
Summary: Alpha/beta/omega au, woohyun doesn't have a pack, his pack doesn't have an alpha. sunggyu doesn't have a pack, he's an alpha without a pack.

a/n: The title is from the song 'Hungry like the wolf' by Duran Duran.

Hi, Jan, this fic is for you. you and your a/b/o 'verse. nope. and your obsession with the permanence theme. nope nope.

written in second person pov. contains minor sexual scene.

/ also i wrote 2 fics for secret santa on dashidorawa@lj so ummm i remember balancedcuppycake saying she wanted a yadong ;;;; i wrote a yadong and a woogyu for secret santa. happy christmas, happy holidays! /


Mouth is alive with juices like wine


            you're friends with wolves. you should be worried that they look at you sometimes like you're food. but they look as human as you do and even considering them to be cannibalistic disgusts you, they can't be, they don't want to eat you, they just- they just wanna kill you maybe.

            you asked them before, “do you want to kill me?”

            they hesitated but they didn't say no. once, sungyeol told you something that you can never forget. he said, “we have a hunger to kill lesser beings.” he'd said it as a joke, to scare you. dongwoo had tackled sungyeol after that joke, pinned him to the ground and he almost seemed angry that sungyeol would say that, even as a joke. he was almost snarling, almost confirming your beliefs that they are monsters, after all, no matter how much they look human.

            “keep up, woohyun!” howon shouts at you as he tears his shirt off. he knows you can never catch up, he's a wolf, you're a human, they have super-speed, you don't even have speed, let alone super.

            he's in front of you in a second. he grins at you and bursts into a faster run, blurs into his wolf form. you can't really see him because he has black fur and it's night, the only light comes from the stars and moon. howon raises his nose to the moon, howls. your other friends resonate howon's howling. we can't find our alpha, myungsoo whispered to woohyun once. we just wanna find our alpha.

            the five of them, including sungjong, are a pack, they're family. but they're stranded, abandoned by their alpha. betas are lost without their alpha but they don't act like they're lost or sad. they hold one another together, and you're human, you don't belong, can never belong. but they're your only friends, and they seem to like you, anyway... it's just some times, times like these when they're all howling and running with their technically naked backs to the moonlight and starlight, racing with the wind, a close battle with the speed of light, you want to cry because it feels too lonely, even though you're human.



            you don't know what happened to your parents. you've never thought about them until you realized your family doesn't have an alpha. you asked dongwoo, “where's our alpha?” and sungyeol had snorted, “you mean our alpha.” dongwoo had glared at him, explained to you that you're not a werewolf, not like them... 'but you're no less family' was unheard because you started crying.

            you were 14 and heartbroken.

            the pack are all older than 80 because they're wolves, right, because they're wolves. they found you and they raised you, you've always thought you were one of them (even now, in your heart, you have a soft confidence that you belong to their pack, that you're a wolf too and you're from their pack, always). you were raised by wolves, they wanted you at first but now they think you're better off human.



            there's this... there's this alpha you see around. he doesn't look like a wolf, he looks more like a cat because he always has this satisfied, confident and reserved feeling about him; but sometimes when he squints his eyes just so, or when he yawns or smiles, he reminds you of a fox, a calm, collected, always wary fox; and when he's not a cat or a fox, he's a hamster, chubby, cute, fluffy, warm, always reaching out for you and leaning his head on your shoulder like he's no fucking alpha.

            he is all of those animals but never a wolf. never swift, graceful or hungry like a wolf. he never looks at you with the glint your family has in their eyes. he looks human, and as far as you can tell, he is human. but your pack thinks otherwise, your friends can smell him. myungsoo whispered, “he's an alpha.” to you, his voice trembling. he's not your pack's alpha, not your alpha, he's his own alpha, just on his own.

            “where's his pack?” you asked. he doesn't have one. “what's an alpha without a pack?”

            an alpha without a pack... might as well be an omega?

            your friends don't answer, dongwoo offers you a smile. it's kind of a sad smile, not for you but for the alpha sunggyu. they think he's going to die, alphas can't survive without a pack. their power comes from their pack, the bigger their pack, the stronger they are, so reversely, the smaller their pack, the weaker they are. sunggyu has nobody.

            maybe that's why he wants you so much.

            “when are you going to leave your pack and join me?”

            he never says “mine” or “my pack”. does he know you're not a werewolf?

            “you're my mate, you have to be.”

            alphas only mate with omegas. that's the purpose of omegas, to carry on their pack-line. you're not a werewolf and even if you were one, you don't want to be an omega. male omegas can't give birth, male omegas, when female alphas don't want to mate with, are useless, cast aside, forever roaming to find a place to belong.



            he tells you the bite is permanent as he grazes teeth against your throat. the alpha sunggyu likes to play around like this, telling you he doesn't want you to be wolf but scents you and presses his lips against your neck and rakes your throat with his teeth. his teeth are sharp, just one jerk of his head – all you have to do is that, all you have to do is grab a fistful of his hair and tug his face closer to your neck – and his teeth will sink like javelins, needling in a poison you'll make into an antivenin.

            “the bite is permanent.” he whispers again, hands on your hands in his hair.

            “so what are you waiting for?” his hands push yours down, begging you to urge him to take, take, take what's his.



            you run with him. he never slows down for you. he grins at you, runs past with you with the wind behind him kissing your face softly. you laugh and you shout that this isn't a race, that he's being a stupid old fart. and then he's by your side again, tackles you to the floor.

            only then you realize that you're on the road, in the middle of the road, where headlights can be the only thing you see before you die. and then you feel his pulse in his wrist, hot and throbbing, and you remember that no, a car can't kill you, nothing can, not anymore; only your alpha can, only he can kill you. but you can kill him first.

            you laugh and throw him off and you break into a run. you feel yourself changing into your wolf form, your clothes tearing. you throw your head back and you see the full moon, white and radiant, and you howl. it sounds painful, because all you feel is pain where your bones cracked and moved and then reformed into your wolfy structure. you hear your alpha's howl too, sharing your pain, as if he feels it too.

            sunggyu catches up with you, clamps jaws round your neck and throws you to the floor again. you feel yourself turn back into human, it hurts until it feels numb. he traces his thumb down the column of your neck. your alpha is crying for you and you think maybe he does feel your pain.

            “not yet, not yet.” he whispers. “you just got the bite, stupid.”

            he kisses you softly, thumb still pressed into your throat, where his canines had pierced your flesh, close to the vein that connects to your heart. you taste the moonlight in his mouth; gaze at the stars in his eyes. you're reminded that he's anything but a wolf, he's something more, maybe he belongs with the moon and stars.



            you ask him if he's ever wanted to kill you when you were human. he gasps, shocked, and shakes his head, “i'd never want to kill anyone.”

            “i'm scared i won't be as noble as you.” you tell him. “i'm scared of turning into a monster.”

            your alpha doesn't say anything because he knows he can't stop you if you ever turn into a man-killing monster. he knows it'll be his fault, it'll be all on him if you do.

            “you have to kill me if i ever kill anyone, okay?” you ask him, nudging his arm a little and smiling a little.

            he wrinkles his nose. “no way.”



            he's your alpha but he's baring his neck to you. you've stared at his neck before, the back of it, anyway, you were thinking how nicely your hand would fit round the back of his neck, you were thinking of kissing it and sucking the sensitive skin there until a purple mark blooms and fades (because super wolfy healing powers and all that). he's never let you touch his neck before.

            “you're my alpha,” you say, taking his chin in your hands and tipping his head forwards to meet his eyes, which are red and gleaming, lusting for you. “i'm your beta, you shouldn't bare your neck to me.”

            “goddammit, woohyun, i'll bare everything for you.” and he shudders in your lap, kisses you roughly, forcing his teeth onto your tongue.

            your head is spinning and your hands end up at his nape and you wrap fingers round his slender neck. you drag his head back, you watch his adam's apple bob as he moans. and you press lips against his flushed skin, you taste sweat and you dirt and then his blood.

            you love his taste, his smell, his- his- him.



            you think of your former pack, sometimes, and about how they still don't have an alpha. you ask your alpha if he knows about them. he does.

            “why don't you take them in as your pack?” you ask.

            “i don't want a pack,” sunggyu says, as if it's obvious. “and i don't think they'd want me as an alpha.”

            “how did you become alpha?”

            “i was an omega.” he says. “my alpha killed the pack. and then i killed the alpha.”

            “you lied to me when you said you'd never want to kill anyone.” you whine.

            “i didn't want to kill him.” sunggyu says, a frown appearing on his face. “but i had to.”

            you want to ask why but he begs you with his starry eyes. you still don't get why he doesn't just make you shut up, why he always has to ask. he's your alpha, he can do whatever he wants with you but he gives you so much power, it feels like he's your omega instead.

            you still ask him, “why?”

            he sighs, tired and drawn-out and you feel the hurt he's feeling. you wish you'd never asked why.



            in the end, to sunggyu, alpha/beta/omega is just another form of the social pyramid; and he doesn't care if he's at the top, he doesn't want the power or control, gladly passes it to you. he whispers into your ear that everyone is born equal, even werewolves, and you aren't sure if sunggyu is the wisest alpha or the stupidest.

            in the end, you thirst for blood, but no one's but your alpha's; you still think you're a monster but he doesn't kill you, lets you try biting bruises or marks and leave scars (never, wolves never get scars), and then you get the idea of an extra mile of permanence – the human form of permanence – and you urge sunggyu to get a tattoo with you.

            he says that's stupid and cheesy but he lets you gun a damn omega (Ω) sign into the side of his neck, with flames because that's the only way the ink will stick. you bare your neck to him next and he could have drawn a dick on your face for all you care, but he gives you a beta (β) like the whole thing's meaningless.

            in the end, he'll always be an omega.

            but you, will always be his.


a/n (2): omf i ruined my own favourite au/'verse ;;;; jan, no. ;;;;
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