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I have deleted my both my livejournal and asianfanfics accounts, that's why there are a lot of missing links in the last masterlist. This is an updated masterlist with accessible links (posted to dreamwidth). My fics can only be found on this dreamwidth, currently. But I'll be posting on my tumblr & this website in the future.

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Aug. 11th, 2013 10:38 pm
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I have a lot of names of the Internet and I don't really care what people call me - dainuhsoar, nevrek, sayzey or more recently, frank. People hardly talk about me, anyway, so whatever. But if you must know my real name, it's Shalyn hehe. I'm not a huge fan of my real name, that's why I hardly tell people it. And I also maintain this super cut-off-from-real-life persona so people throwing my real name around makes me very worried...

When I first started out writing fanfiction, I used to write a lot of fluffy stuff, like I could hardly write angst. But as I grow older, I've become like really cynical and so more angsty shit surfaces lol. Almost all of the fanfiction I write now are either woogyu and/or angst.

A lot of my fics have/contain references to animals? I really like using animal kingdom metaphors. :)))) Speaking of metaphors, I consider myself a very shallow and literal writer, so I don't fancy using metaphors and rather spell things out for readers but once in a while (actually more recently) I like leaving endings open. It's either because I'm too lazy to give a proper ending or because I can't decide on whether I want there to be a definite ending. (warning: I'm a very lazy writer......)

A lot of my angsty woogyu fics have death/frankenstein themes because i'm obsessed with frankenstein. A lot of them are film/storybook AUs because I have no originality. And a lot of them are vampire or werewolf AU because I have this fetish for vampire and werewolves OK. If you're wondering, yes, I'm a Twilight and Teen Wolf fan. I'm only a fan of the Twilight movies, though. Teen Wolf, TV show. A lot of my fics are inspired by movies I have watched too, btw. I'm a fan of action movies with 2 stupid dudes as main characters, very specifically Boondock Saints.

I used to be able to think of titles but once again, as i grow older or something, my creativity depletes and I get lazier so I lift lyrics from songs for a lot of my titles. More than half of my woogyu fics have titles from song lyrics.

I don't give trigger warnings some times, so do read at your own risk because some of my fics contain suicide-themes (thought i think i have trigger-warning-ed all of the fics with suicide themes).

All my recent fics can be found on my
AFF page and my livejournal community.


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