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title: If I wasn't meant to fly
rating: nc17 (for sexual scenes)
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 4.3k+

summary: woohyun is sunggyu's fairy-godmother.

godmothers are one thing. fairy godmothers are an entirely different thing. )
a/n: title is from leslie mills' "wings" and jiwoo = dongwoo ^^
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title: Woohyun's Delivery Service
rating: r
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 6.4k+

summary: inspired by studio ghibli's 'kiki's delivery service', where in woohyun is a witch.

there's a family of witches in sunggyu's town and recently one more is added to their team.  )
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title: Hold both your hands
rating: r for homophobic language & non-graphic sexual scene(s)
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 1k+

summary: a love story that goes backwards.

they're 80-something years old. )
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title: Piano man he makes his stand
rating: R
trigger-warnings: suicide attempts (if you squint) + firearms
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 4.7k+

summary: woohyun is a music composer stuck in a box and sunggyu is his muse.
They keep woohyun in a box )


a/n: please watch love & mercy, a 2015 film starring john cusack, elizabeth banks and paul dano. it's great if you don't mind slow story build-up. it's very real because it's a biopic, and yeah. this fic was inspired by that movie, sort of. um. i don't know. ask.fm

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title: Superstars sucked into the supermassive
rating: r
pairing: sunggyu x woohyun
wordcount: 3,335 words

summary: sort of sci-fi au, woohyun is a (sort of literal) star and he falls in love with (sort of literal) black hole sunggyu. he forgets stuff and he remembers stuff.

it must be tough to love a black hole. )
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title: Behind my face and above my throat
rating: r
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 1124

trigger-warning: blood
summary: woohyun is too afraid to fall asleep.

it's been about 6 months now. )
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title: Pull me into your cold dead lips
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
rating: r
trigger warning(s): suggestions of self-harm, severe bullying, dominance and submission dynamic, underage but not really underage because they're both 20?
wordcount: 1050

summary: woohyun is smee and sunggyu is the captain, or rather, the peterpan au/ more like pirates au/ more like just plain wtf au.

a/n: i read peter and wendy by jm barrie a few weeks back, wanted to do an au fic where woogyu is the captain and smee respectively ever since i finished reading it and whoa here it is. i call this the pirates/ hidden peterpan au. but it's not really, peter pan doesn't even make an appearance, neither does wendy nor her brothers. also, is it fairies or pixies that are mentioned in the book? i can't remember so i went with pixies.

i kind of took a breather from writing a long fic to write this so this is uhhhhhhhhh ok to be quite the very honest this is just a "well-lets-procrastinate" piece? huhu i do quite enjoy this au though. title is from party in the graveyard by ghost town.

captain sunggyu hunts down lost boys for a living. )
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title: Pause the lips upon my face
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
rating: r
wordcount: 1438
tw: abuse
summary: prostitute au, sunggyu is the prostitute and woohyun is trying to deal with that. you know, the typical cliched prostitute story.

a/n: inspired by history's 'what am i to you' music video. title from cage the elephant's 'spiderhead'.

i. they sit on curbs and share food on skewers or hot coffee from styrofoam cups. )
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title: And that face isn't young
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
rating: r
tw: self-harm
wordcount: 5522
summary: frankenstein au, sunggyu is frankenstein and he finally comes out to woohyun, who he has been watching for weeks now.
a/n: inspired by frankenstein or the modern prometheus by mary shelley. title from 'stray cat' by kassidy. even i am so done with myself.

it's always stories with characters who make strange (wrong) decisions that actually make it into stories. )

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title: I was born to rage
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
rating: r for language
wordcount: 1567
summary: sunggyu is in prison and recounts the time when he and woohyun fought the 4 elements.

notes:inspired by 'thor' the film by marvel studios. contains no spoilers for both thor 1 and 2. title is from awolnation's 'people'. rated because of language.

went a little over ambitious with this one i must say. whatever. #angrywriter #thorki #lokiistheabsolutebest #stillcryingbcl0ki

every villain is a hero in his own mind. )
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title: Breakfast at the heartbreak hotel
rating: r for language and non-graphic sexual content
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 5,100~

summary: an 'expectations vs realities' like meme.

notes: title is from Arctic Monkey's 'Piledriver Waltz'. Contains domesticity, it's an au. be warned of typos, mistakes and grammar-be-screwed.

you look like you've been for breakfast at the heartbreak hotel. )
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title: I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun
rating: r
pairing: woohyun x sunggyu
wordcount: 11,000~

summary: A Disney's 'Tangled'-inspired fic. Woohyun wants to save his mother and Sunggyu has uh, magical blood that heals people.

notes: The title is from Cage The Elephant's Shake Me Down. This fic is inspired by Disney's 'Tangled' but lots of things have been changed e.g. Rapunzel's hair --> Sunggyu's blood. It's the longest fic I've written and has like fluctuating genres. One moment it's fluff and the next moment it's angst. There's a lot of emotional crap and like words hahaha I don't know how to describe it but some parts can be boring and tiring I think. I don't know, I still hope you guys will like it though. :)

Wee bit of non-graphic sex near the end, just a heads-up. And slight dongwoo/hoya.


Shake me down, not a lot of people left around Who knows now? Softly laying on the ground, ooh Not a lot people left around, ooh, ooh In my life, I have seen people walk into the sea Just to find memories, plagued by constant misery Their eyes cast down, fixed upon the ground Their eyes cast down I'll keep my eyes fixed on the sun )
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