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title: junseung drabbles
rating: varies
pairing: junhyung x hyunseung

summary: a junseung drabble dumpsite which will be updated irregularly.

created: 27 Jan 2013 ) created: 3 Feb 2013 )
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title: Only ever in dreams I wrap my arms around you
rating: pg
pairing: junhyung x hyunseung
wordcount: 1343

summary: Unrequited love on Junhyung's part because everyone knows when it comes to junseung, Junhyung is damn whipped.

a/n: title is from 'sad dream' by sky ferreira.

junhyung has never really noticed hyunseung until someone told him 'hey, you heard of jang hyunseung from the sales despartment? he kinda looks likes you.' )
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title: Oh you bite your friends like chocolate
pairing: kikwang x dongwoon
rating: pg-13
wordcount: 1277

summary: a vampire fic where readers play 'two truths, one lie' with the pairing.

two truths and one lie → a vampire fic that should have never been a vampire fic )
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Title: Discouraged
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: junhyung x hyunseung
Wordcount: 1462

summary: (high school au) hyunseung is everything that is discouraged. junhyung is drawn to him.

notes: loooong time since i last wrote a b2st fic. ;a;

hyunseung is the very epitome of discouraged. )
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title: I'm still waiting
rating: pg-13 for language
pairing: doojoon x yoseob (but this fic is yoseob-centric)
wordcount: 2,585

summary: doojoon is a field agent and yoseob is his handler. doojoon goes missing for months on one mission and yoseob goes after him.

notes: part of the au: espionage series. previously...

yoseob doesn't enjoy his work. well, who would if their work is to sit around and build tiny gadgets that may or may not be returned to you and wait for your friend, your boyfriend, your lover to give you a call through the tiny earpiece you designed? )
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title: I've drowned and dreamt this moment
rating: nc-17
pairing: dongwoon x kikwang
wordcount: 2,522

summary: kikwang and dongwoon are partners. in more ways than one. (secret agents au)

notes: first part of a secret agents au. title from Adele's 'skyfall'.

it's not compulsory for them to flirt like that and dongwoon wishes kikwang would quite stop it. )


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